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Car Eats Car 3 (MOD Unlimited Rubies/Fuel) is an innovative game of publisher SMOKOKO GAMES. This is the third instalment of the popular series – Car Eats Car, which has been greatly enhanced regarding gameplay and graphics and sound. With no speed racing or modern supercar, this game brings you extremely funny and fun car battles, something you have never seen in car games. Other. Let’s find out what part 3 of this game has something better than the previous two.

Overview information

NameCar Eats Car 3
Version2.4 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rubies/Fuel
RequiresAndroid 4.1

An interesting game

Car Eats Car 3 apk

Entering Car Eats Car 3, you will be transformed into crazy cars that really damage. Not a driver, but you are a car. These cars are not like ordinary cars that you meet in real life. They are implanted from the materials in the scrap yard. These cars are huge, funny and also very weird. However, do not rush to despise them because they can fight special, ready to crush everything along the way.

Car Eats Car 3 owns the mechanism through the fascinating stages. Use the game’s virtual key system, take your car to the streets and engage in vital battle battles. Complete the tasks that the game gives you, go to the end of the path to be able to advance to the next game. Sure, the police and people will not like your presence at all. They will always want to, destroy your car. This time, you have to play the villain, using your car to crush all nearby armor, including large trucks or even a tank.

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Also, some deadly traps, such as the incisors, hanging stones and steel fences, are on the way. Your car is very buffalo but also limited. Each time you hit, you will bleed gradually. If you lose HP, you will lose, and the game will end. However, eat hearts on the screen to increase your blood flow continuously.

You will discover completely different environments for each level of play. From the modern street to the terrain race or the Great Wall. All things will bring you the most enjoyable experience.

In addition to the stages mode, you can also challenge your friends on the game’s rankings. Unlock the noble titles in Car Eats Car 3, lead the rankings and let your friends know the benefits.

Transformed into cars

Car Eats Car 3 apk 3

Besides is the car system. Car Eats Car 3 has a lot of strange cars in the store for you to unlock. Each car has different weapons look extremely bumpy. Besides, you can perform two special moves of vehicles such as drop bombs, laser guns, accelerators, magnets … This will make your battle much fiercer. Watch out for your energy bar; if you run out of energy, you will not be able to use it.

Plus, you can upgrade your cars. Equipped with heavy weapons to crush all opponents. Upgrade your armor, turbo and fix your car after each battle.


The graphics, although only built on the 2D engine, the formation in Car Eats Car 3 looks very fun. The physical motion of the game looks very interesting as well when looking at the flying cars, aerobatics. In addition, explosive effects are also featured by the publisher, giving the player the ultimate experience.

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It’s time to download Car Eats Car 3 for your phone and get rid of the police cars!

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