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NameCamping Tycoon
PublisherKawaii Game
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Camping Tycoon MOD APK is a simulation game of the publisher Kawaii Game revolving around the theme of camping, one of the most joyful outdoor recreational activities of man.

Introduce about Camping Tycoon

Make your dream of becoming a camping tycoon come true

No outdoor activity is as active and fun as Camping

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the world. Many people love camping because it is both challenging and requires many interesting skills: planning, mastering life skills, having an organized mind, reasonable division of labor, skillful hands, or doing… There are many families I know who have invested a lot of money in professional camping kits for the whole family from tents, tarpaulins to barbecue equipment, rescue equipment…

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For the average person, camping is also an opportunity for them to escape the busyness of the daily grind, renewing themselves at weekend. Therefore, the business of camping services and related products quickly becomes a lucrative business, especially in areas where the natural and soil conditions are suitable for camping.

Statistically, billions of dollars are spent on camping and everything related. This number for a business person to say is potential too ideal. If you have a little interest in this field or are looking to observe the “business process” of a fairly new industry, playing Camping Tycoon is a good suggestion.

What is Camping Tycoon?

Camping Tycoon is a business simulation management game in the field of camping. You will be the owner of a small campsite initially, mostly focusing on providing quality service to attract people to camp. Gradually, you will diversify into more related services, sell camping-related products, catering services, travel around the area, improve facilities, hire more staff and management team. Then you can continue to expand entertainment areas, more space, buy more land, garden, plant more trees, build a standard process management mechanism, and a series of other works.

Through that, you will gradually expand the size of the campsite, gain more profits and develop more sustainably and differently. The ultimate goal is to bring an enjoyable, complete camping experience to customers, and gradually become the boss of the camping service business.

Build new campsites and improve facilities

Corresponding to each development stage, your job and responsibilities will be different. Take advantage of each piece of land you have to start building a beautiful campsite. Not only a campsite, but you can also divide it into many small functional clusters: entertainment clusters, activities clusters, staff clusters… In each place, there are many small parts. For example, an entertainment cluster will include a miniature water park, RV, and open cinema area. In the living area, there will be necessary amenities such as toilets, bathrooms, steam rooms, massage rooms, laundry rooms, electricity, water…

Once these sections are settled, you’ll need to consider diversifying your campsites, by adding picnic pavilions, fishing grounds, trampolines, and more.

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To stabilize every small part in each zone, in addition to always taking good care of the current facilities, considering investing in the new expansion, you also need to have a good policy for employees. You should have some practical moves such as building rooms for employees to rest, reasonable salary, appropriate hierarchy…

Along with the development, as the owner and manager of Camping Tycoon, you also have to have contingency policies in case of bad situations such as epidemics, traffic obstacles during natural disasters. And you also should have plans to increase income through the development of side businesses such as camp rentals, picnic shops, souvenir shops…

One of the important decisions: hire a service or hire a manager

A quality campsite in addition to the available quality land, stable infrastructure, human resources, and management capabilities are also very important. You will need a team that is ready for every task: security, cleaning, inventory, purchasing food, necessities, and a good management team to make sure everything is in good condition.

Each employee in Camping Tycoon will have a different task role. Their work is directly or related to a certain function within the campsite. For example, the cashier is both related to the revenue and expenditure of the services when the guests arrive, and also handles the payment schedule for employees. The cleaners will be responsible for cleaning the campsite, campfires, and rooms after guests leave. Security guards will ensure safety, patrol, and supervise each tent, each small zone of ​​the campsite.

But one of the difficult issues to make a decision is how to hire a campsite manager, a senior supervisor properly. Depending on the business direction, expanding from the ground up, as well as the budget situations, marketing strategies you are facing, you will come up with important HR plans yourself.

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All of these human resources need to be carefully considered in terms of salary budget. The balance between the receiver and the input so as not to lose your initial capital. If you find that the business is not profitable, it is necessary to review everything, reduce the workforce and redesign the work process to be more efficient.

Maximize revenue

To ensure that the business is always profitable when playing Camping Tycoon, you need to solve the problem of Maximizing revenue. Statistics of all expenses for the campsite business, including initial investment costs (from the second year to depreciation costs), periodic renewal investment costs, labor costs, management, maintenance. Consider the smallest factors such as parking at the entrance to the souvenir shop outside the park, shipping fees, camping gear rental, laundry fees, boat rentals, car rentals, campfires, barbecues, or other important events from customers.

And also don’t forget to consider expanding the side business activities such as picnic stalls, souvenirs, shops, fast food areas.

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In short, Camping Tycoon is a camping business simulation game, that has a sharp 3D design, and can play on a handheld vertical screen. The game combines many idle elements to help players save time, even when they are not often playing. Let’s download and explore this amazing game!

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