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Call of Mini: Zombies APK + MOD (God Mode, One Hit, More Rewards) v4.4.1

NameCall of Mini: Zombies
PublisherTriniti Interactive Studios
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, One Hit, More Rewards
RequiresAndroid 2.0.1
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Triniti Interactive Studios is well-known by its 3rd-person shooter games. It is easy to see that these games have a similar style of play and graphics. This time, they are back with a shooting game called Call of Mini: Zombies. If Call of Mini: Dino Hunter revolves around the war between humans and dinosaurs but in this game, you will have to fight the zombies. At first glance, the gameplay is quite simple and does not have much to say, but when I play it still brings astonishing charm and a lot of interesting things. This game is free on Google Play and Appstore, allowing you to download and install it for free.

Table of contents
  1. Global zombie disaster
  2. Third-person shooter game
  3. Many weapons and characters
  4. Interact with other players
  5. Impressive graphics
  6. Download Call of Mini: Zombies MOD today!

Global zombie disaster

Call of Mini Zombies story

One day, the world was attacked by a strange virus. They spread rapidly, transform the humans to become a scary creature capable of moving, eating and spreading germs. You are a capable and experienced combatant. Use the machine guns, flamethrowers or rockets you have on your way to kill all the zombies. More importantly, you need to find drugs that help humans survive this tragedy. Every day that you fight, that day humanity still hopes.

The story of Call of Mini: Zombies do not have a lot of special things compared to other zombie games, but that does not make the game lose its fun. I think the plot is pretty good, rather than trying to force it into a story that it does not belong. Everything is very simple. Wherever you are, you also use weapons to destroy zombies, survive as long as possible while protecting some survivors.

Third-person shooter game

Call of Mini Zombies modes

Compared to other zombie games, the gameplay of Call of Mini: Zombies is not too complicated. The interface is dual-stick style and your task is simply to run and shoot. Besides, you can switch between three weapons including two guns and a melee weapon. Move away from the zombies and then burn them all by your gun. When you kill all zombies in an area, you will be teleported to the next area and continue your quest.

Map of Call of Mini: Zombies consists of 8 different areas including familiar locations in daily life such as towns, factories, laboratories, etc. It sounds boring but there are many exciting things awaits you in every area, especially when you defeat the boss of the game. They can be tankers, assassins or explosives, so be careful.

Many weapons and characters

Call of Mini Zombies weapons

Call of Mini: Zombies possess a variety of interesting weapons from machine guns such as AK, MP5 to Gatling gun, flamethrowers, bazooka… Each level appears more power-ups and there is a very special weapon, which is the saw machine. Weapons can be upgraded to become stronger and more usable. The game uses the IAP model so the outfits, characters, and weapons you need are available in the store. You can use virtual currency in the game or buy it directly in cash.

The default character of the game is a normal guy, dressed in sportswear like a sportsman. You can unlock more exciting characters like doctors, soldiers, … even robots. Characters do not make you stronger, but only to enhance the aesthetic experience of the player. The weapons and characters help you choose the style that best suits you.

Interact with other players

Call of Mini Zombies team up

Thanks to the unique and fun gameplay, Call of Mini: Zombies has a huge community of millions of players every day. You will never feel lonely in this battle. In Teammate mode, you will be teamed up with 3 other players and join together in the funniest zombie battle on mobile. In addition to your own skills, you need to have good teammates to defeat the big Boss together and get attractive rewards.

Impressive graphics

Call of Mini Zombies graphics

Call of Mini: Zombies have impressive 3D graphics. Inspired by Minecraft, the characters are designed in the Lego style along with the environment is also designed in the style of blocks. Do not hurry to feel disappointed because this is the unique style of the Call of Mini series. Sounds are also a surprise to me. Lots of exciting songs make the battle even more fierce. However, repeating a song throughout the game sometimes makes me feel tired. You can adjust the music in the settings of the game.

Download Call of Mini: Zombies MOD today!

After a few levels, the difficulty will appear when the zombies become stronger. I feel that my weapons are not enough to damage them. Do not worry, let’s Call of Mini: Zombies MOD help you. The MOD version has some useful features like One Hit, God Mode, increased ammo and increased rewards after each battle. However, note that sometimes One Hit will not work at some level.

Overall, Call of Mini: Zombies are pretty good quality games at the moment. It’s not comparable to the top shooting games on the market, but this game is a perfect choice if you just want to entertain in your free time.

Call of Mini: Zombies v4.3.4 APKMODOne Hit, God Mode, More Rewards
Call of Mini: Zombies v4.3.4 APK

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