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NameCall Of Courage : WW2
Package Namecom.canadianrig.ww2.fps
PublisherCanadian Rig
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Call Of Courage: WW2 MOD APK is an action FPS game from Canadian Rig. In the game, you will play as an American commando participating in the greatest battle in history, World War II.

Introduce about Call Of Courage : WW2

Commando soldiers do not step back in front of enemies and missions!

Familiar war theme, classic first-person shooter gameplay, with a series of very difficult secret missions

World War II is an attractive topic that has been exploited quite a lot on both movies and games. And if you are interested in this content, Call Of Courage: WW2 is a game you must try at least once in your life.

Perhaps everyone knows about the main context. In the World War II, Hitler arose with ambitions to annex and dominate the world. Germany attacked neighboring countries. In that big storm, even as a small member, you will be able to help change the dark destiny of the world.

Call Of Courage WW2 for Android

You will play as a secret American commando, accompanied by a professional dog, you have all the military skills needed to complete all assigned missions, whether official or secret.

Scenes intersect with perspectives, something other shooters don’t have

Although it’s just a typical first-person shooter game, with gameplay and manipulation that can’t be more classic, Call Of Courage: WW2 opens up a whole new dimension: first-person perspectives and third-person perspectives, creating an unprecedented attractive feeling in games of the same genre.

You will have amazing experiences in each battle: both detailed and comprehensive, both direct and indirect. And through that you will understand the role, difficulties, and lofty sacrifices of a group of special troops representing this great war, the commandos.

A special companion

This is the second difference of Call Of Courage: WW2. Always by your side to support and accompany you in each mission is a sheephound specially trained to do combat work. Our companion can smell and detect enemies from a considerable distance, and alarm us with his bark. At the same time, he can help you in some melee phase by rolling off the enemy, giving you more time to reload or run to find a more favorable shooting angle.

And the missions cannot be denied

In the game, you have to go through 30 different missions (and are expected to be more according to the developer’s announcement). Each mission is very special and dangerous, most of which are jobs that the ordinary army cannot do. And only when completing one task can you move on to the next. Not to mention that the difficulty also increases over time with more and more targets and more sophisticated enemies.

Call Of Courage WW2 Gameplay

The task along the way in each scene is different, mixed with a series of small challenges that make the heroic soldier always busy constantly with constant shooting scenes. But the final task with the “final boss” waiting is what makes you look forward and extremely proud, destroying the head of the fascist snake, Hitler.

And to do this, you need to go through arduous training with a series of tasks that couldn’t be more difficult. You also get upgraded weapons along the way (but not significantly). The game only has a total of 15 weapons, and all of them are single-user guns that do not too much damage or mass destruction, including: Thompson, M1 Grand, Bar, MP40, K98, Colt 1911, Luger, Sten, Stg44, Fg42, MG42, Thomson, PPSH, Shotgun and Panzerschreck.

Your manipulation in the game is simple: move quickly, aim accurately and fire. All done by touching the screen to locate the destination and target, then press the key for the action. Done. But the mindfulness, intelligence and flexible talent in the character control process will be the key to every victory.


This shooter is designed on a simple graphic background, typical retro color tone. Realistic and minimalistic 3D techniques help players always have the opportunity to clearly identify their goals, with the help of your best friend, the dog. With these types of games, the character’s movement is an important factor with the requirements: no lag, fast, easy and accurate. Call Of Courage: WW2 has done this smoothly, making my game experience in a few days of trial play really very comfortable and exciting.

Call Of Courage WW2 MOD by APKMODY

The most detailed sound of the most chaotic shooting scenes

There is also an indispensable factor for battlefield games, which is the sound. The sound quality in the game is capable of amplifying every small detail. You can even hear the footsteps of enemies approaching, and your own suspenseful breathing in secret battles. You can also separate each layer of sound even more detail if playing games with a dedicated FPS headset.

MOD APK version of Call Of Courage : WW2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Start the game with 999999999 gold.

Download Call Of Courage : WW2 MOD APK for Android

Download game Call Of Courage and play now if you are dreaming of being a genuine commando, fight and experience World War II.

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