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NameBunniiies: The Love Rabbit
Package Namecom.zero_one.bunniiies
MOD FeaturesFree Purchase
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit MOD APK comes in two versions, one for adults only and one for kids. So this time, I’ll talk about the adult only version.

Introduce about Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit


What exactly is Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit about?

This is a puzzle game. Your task is to raise rabbits and develop your farm. During that journey, you will raise and take care of many types of rabbits, combine them together to create new species. At the same time, it is necessary to train many skills for the rabbits so that they can compete with rabbits from other farms in competitions and events in the village.

According to the publisher, the game offers more than 1000 different types of rabbits. My biggest favorite thing when playing is the process of breeding. Pairing a blue and a yellow rabbit produces a green rabbit while pairing a pink and a white rabbit with some special foods will result in a white rabbit with pink flower spots.

Interspersed with the very clear main task (feeding, diversifying the rabbit herd, and developing a sustainable farm), you will also be suggested to perform many different sub-tasks. And through those tasks, you will collect money. Money is to buy new breeds of rabbits, tools for factories and farms, and other useful breeding tools.

Is taking care of rabbits so hard?

You may think that this game is like raising virtual animals or probably just like a coloring game for children. Honestly, I had the same thought at first. But after playing for about half an hour, I must admit that I was so wrong. Taking care of rabbits on the farm is not easy because you don’t just have one or a few, but a herd of rabbits whose number will eventually become innumerable.

Not to mention the special breeds of rabbits that are bred from one type with another crossly. Moreover, to properly care for rabbits, you have to do everything from A-Z: feeding, caring, bathing, keeping warm, cleaning the cage, treating diseases, brushing hair. Also, to reduce the number of rabbits and have the capital to continue developing, you will need to sell rabbits to collect money. The rarer the rabbit and the better the breeding, the higher the selling price and the more valuable it is.

Finding the market, negotiating prices, and choosing which rabbits to sell are all the things you do directly. Besides, you have to watch out for rabbits, to prevent them from being eaten by foxes, owls, and zombies. Yes, there are zombies in here, guys, but they only eat rabbits and don’t even bother to look at humans.

Each rabbit has different composite health indicators, including Beauty, Intelligence, Video games, Run, Dexterity, and Strength. Try to monitor, balance, and coordinate these indicators to stay as stable as possible, regardless of rabbit species. Only then can it be said that you successfully take care of your rabbits.

Wait, it’s not over. In this village, there are also many contests, big and small events continuously taking place. Train your rabbit skills and take them to the competitions. Win prizes and collect valuable rewards. The owner of the rabbit farm will have so much time of pride with his good rabbits. But do not rush to rejoice because the training stage is also extremely time-consuming and brain-damaging.

Raising rabbits is only part of the job, the bigger goal is still developing the farm

Rabbits are part of the farm. To grow the farm, you have to do more. I see that the rabbits in here are like the owners, and the player is like an employee. We must plow like a buffalo just to make them happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Back to the farm story. One good thing is that in addition to working, you can also go around to explore your beautiful farm. Buy new equipment, farm tools, personalize and decorate the factory, and buy more machines. Neighbors are too friendly, so they also give you a lot of different tasks. In return, each time you finish a task, you will receive a thank-you gift, usually something you are very happy with and want to find. Every day when you wake up, you have a mountain of things to do, including pre-scheduled tasks related to rabbit care and farm upgrades, and countless other unnamed tasks that the game offers.

You also dream of expanding and beautifying your farm. So don’t be afraid to spend money, time, and effort in the process of renovating and decorating factories and farms. You can buy more guard dogs, add furniture, and decorate every corner of this fertile land. You can also plant more trees, buy beds, change picture frames, build more floors, buy boats, add farm tools and machines…

Depending on your preferences, you can constantly turn your rabbit farm into different spaces. Sometimes it’s beach style, sometimes it’s Christmas decorations with snowmen and Santa Claus, sometimes it’s a dreamy sky like a spring scene… Yes, the ability to personalize every detail can be said to be endless, you can do anything as long as you keep in mind the main goal: taking care of raising rabbits and developing the farm.

Is a minute of peace too expensive?

Light note: The version I am telling about is not for children because there are some bloody scenes where the rabbit is attacked by foxes and owls. And if you want to unlock funny rabbit animations, you need to spend cash to enter the VIP area.

MOD APK version of Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit

MOD feature

Free Purchase


You can buy real-money packages for free, unrelated to actual transactions.

Download Bunniiies: The Love Rabbit MOD APK for Android

The game has lovely graphics, poetic country life, and so many bright colors full of life. In addition, there are smooth animation and super flexible movement. Above all, you will have 1001 things to do with your beloved rabbits. Those who love livestock or especially have a big love for Rabbits, come here to play for a few hours.

Important, because of some inappropriate content, this version is not for children.

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