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Join the fun virtual arena in Bumper.io, beat other players to become the last survivor.

Introduce about Bumber.io

When I was a kid, I loved the bumper car game in the entertainment center for children and were often brought to there during weekends. The publisher Voodoo always knows how to make interesting games from simple things, phenomena or games in everyday life. Have you played games such as Hole.io or Helix Jump? Inspired by the bumper car game, they developed it into Bumper.io – the game that takes you to a virtual arena in which you have to find ways to knock down other players to become the last survivor.

Interesting gameplay

Bumper.io gameplay

In Bumper.io the player’s task is to control a machine (possibly a bumper car) shaped like the head of a teddy bear by swiping the screen in the direction you want. Map of the game is a piece of land between the sea, in that way, you will push the other players into the water and win.

Similar to a bumper car game, when you touch an opponent, they are pushed back and you are pushed too. The maximum number of players in a match is 20 other online players, and you will be increased in size every time you push someone down in the water or eat an ice cream stick on the map. You will feel that this game is quite similar to Feeding Frenzy, but you do not have to eat other players but to push them further (Newton’s laws of physics). The bigger you are, you are stronger and harder to beat, so you should use this to become the champion.

The most interesting thing when playing Bumper.io is that when you are in the middle of the other players and they are pushing you constantly, you will almost lose control. I think for your safety you should be in the middle of the map because the people at the edge of the arena are easy targets for other players to attack and push into the sea quickly. However, this is not easy when you meet good players from all over the world.

Maps are constantly being changed


Bumper.io’s map is constantly changing after every game with different shapes and colors. This makes the player need to flexibly change the tactics to suit each map. Each match lasts only about 30 seconds up to a minute, so things go pretty fast. Only one second of losing is enough to get you pushed into the water and lose the chance to compete with other players. Match only ends when the last player survives, do you want to become the winner?

Upgrade your bumper

Bumper.io apk

Once you complete each battle, you will receive money to unlock more cars. There are many types of vehicles with different colors and shapes for you to choose from. In fact, buying a new car just increases the aesthetics and does not affect the game because, like a survival game, Bumper.io aims to balance all players.

Ranking mode and Offline mode

Bumper.io graphics

When connected to the Internet, you can join the virtual arena with many other players around the world. Especially, once you get the top 1 position you will get the higher rank in Ranking mode. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to clash with good players. Besides, you can still play Offline mode with smart AI, this can be considered a good training if you need to improve your playing ability.

Download Bumper.io APK for Android

Bumper.io’s graphics don’t have many really outstanding things. With simple 3D images, everything is designed quite simply in the style of previous Voodoo games. Ads appear to be pretty much so I think you should buy an ad-blocking package for a more pleasant experience.

In spite of its simple gameplay, Bumper.io is very interesting and has many things to entice you into these fun wars. If you’re ready, download the game via the links below the article.

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