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Build solid bridges, protect the group of survivors from the undead that want to eat their brains. There are many things you need to do in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

Introduce about Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is an impressive combination of two types games, puzzle and survival. This unique game was developed by Headup, famous developer for several puzzle titles like Bridge Constructor, Truberbrook. If you feel the bridge-building puzzles are too monotonous and repetitive, try your feeling against zombies in a whole new way.

The background

The world is going through the post-apocalypse, but no one realizes it. One day, people slowly get sick and die from a strange virus. There is no medicine that can cure this disease. However, that is not the scariest thing. After they died, these corpses suddenly regained consciousness. Scientists all confirmed on television, this was just a hoax, a rumor that lacked basis. But not long after, they died in the same way.

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead gameplay

The world was quickly destroyed by the zombie. The cities were left in ruins, ruined with each of their attacks. Screams, blood, decomposing corpses were everywhere. Man is standing on the brink of destruction. A group of survivors are looking for last hope to cure the Earth. They are looking for a professor, maybe he has medicine that can cure this disease.

Protect the survival group from zombies

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is probably the only zombie disaster survival game in which you don’t use guns and weapons to fight zombies. Build bridges to fight zombies? I’m not kidding. You will join a group of survivors on the journey to find a cure for the virus.

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead MOD by APKMODY

The gameplay is similar to Poly Bridge 2, the game I introduced to you before. You build bridges to protect the group of survivors. The first few levels help you get acquainted with construction and how to play. Then, you have to create your own design of the bridge to accomplish the goal of the game. For example, in level 1, the survival group is in the basement, above, the zombies are about to pass. You need to build bridges so that they don’t fall into the cellar, otherwise, they will spot the living creatures and attack them frantically.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead does not limit the player’s creativity. You can take advantage of available objects such as rocks, explosives to put zombies into a built-in trap. Build a solid bridge to help you transport goods and food across the river.

The iconic content of The Walking Dead series

Not only focusing on monotonous puzzles, when playing Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, you will be participating in the storyline inspired by The Walking Dead series. Meet the characters that be favorited by fans like Daryl, Michonne and Eugene. You get to be a part of their trip, fight the zombies with them. Through the journey, you will know the stories behind each person, the characters that appear in the game.

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead MOD APK Download

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and fear that, you already know what happened and this game is no longer attractive to you. Do not worried. The plot is not the same as what happens in the movie.

Ragdoll physics help zombies become more frantic

BC: TWD is considered one of the puzzle games with realistic and detailed 3D graphics. The game uses ragdoll physics, making characters and zombies more funny and lively. Effects and physics make zombies more violent and scary, bringing the feeling that season 1 of The Walking Dead once gave viewers.

Download Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead APK for Android

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a puzzle game for players who love creativity. With a little zombie element and storyline borrowed from The Walking Dead series, the monotonous bridge-building puzzle game has become engaging in a novel and unique way. The plot and gameplay continuously give the player elements of surprise, stimulating the player’s curiosity and creativity. Want to know what happened to the group of survivors? Let’s overcome the complex puzzles.

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