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For the fans of the action game, we may not be too strange with the name Brave Frontier. This is a game that was very familiar three years ago. The game was also combined with other games of that time, such as Final Fantasy, King of Fighters, … In the past, I still remember people always invited me to play this game when free. Because I have a high level in this game, I always get admiration from my friends. After much waiting time, the second part of the action game was released by Gumi. Finally, you and I can re-experience the legendary game on the Mobile. Let’s go to the review section to find out what the new of this game.

Since new games are released now, early subscribers will receive a gift from the publisher. However, you don’t have to worry because Brave Frontier II (ブレイブフロンティア2 Bureibu Furontia 2) is aimed at balance, so the strength of the players does not differ too much from that.

Table of contents
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  2. Turn-based gameplay
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The fierce battle

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In Brave Frontier II you will be a good commander. The world is so chaotic, the evil forces are everywhere. You have to lead your army, destroy all the other enemies, protect your people from the dangers. The death awaits you in the front. Can you survive and fulfill your mission?

Turn-based gameplay

The game has similar gameplay to other turn-based action games such as MapleStory Blitz. The first thing you need to do is recruit an army to participate in the battle of life and death. This game has 48 different characters for you to choose. Classes are classed into different power classes so that you can sort them by your style.

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According to What I see, you should arrange gladiators in front. They will block enemy damage, giving more space to the characters behind causing damage. The gunners are very weak, low in blood and easy to die, so be very careful to protect your gunners well if you want to win. Besides, the Brave Frontier II features supportive characters to enhance the entire team. You can arrange a special team, surprise to the enemy that still works. In this game, you can free to create the tactics you want; creativity is unlimited.

Brave Frontier II’s control system is quite simple. You just touch and swipe the screen to use the skills, control your team. Just use the skills properly, calculating the time of the cooldown accurately you have gained a lot of advantages more than the opponent.


Brave Frontier 2 gameplay

Brave Frontier II has many attractive modes. As I see this is the most attractive point in this game. In PvE mode, you will join in challenging boss battles. To get to the final stage, you have to go through many different stages equally difficult. You should save your team’s skill and blood as much as possible so it’s easier to deal with Bosses.

PvP mode of the game is very exciting. You will be involved in real-time battles with a lot of other players. Equip the strongest team possible, using the best tactics to win in this game. In particular, in this version, Brave Frontier II also has a new combat system called Cross Brave Burst, which allows players to combine and use the strange combo ever. This will create unique battles, requiring you to spend more grey matter to calculate the right tactics.

Graphics are upgraded

The graphics of the game is not too new compared to the previous but also upgraded quite detailed. Characters have a Chibi style creation cute, fun. The sound is also more noticeable than Brave Frontier by Gumi.


In short, Brave Frontier II is a great game at the moment. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in stages of the game.

Download ​Brave Frontier II APK for Android (Latest version)

Brave Frontier II for Android APK v1.9.9

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