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NameBrain Wash
Package Namecom.hwg.sos
PublisherSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Solve interesting puzzles in Brain Wash APK, the latest puzzle game by the publisher Say Games. You can download the latest version APK file of this game here.

Introduce about Brain Wash

Welcome to Brain Wash, the puzzle game that is storming the game rankings in the US recently. After a day of grappling with fun and brain-twisting puzzles, I immediately come back here and introduce to you. Let me find out why this game creates such a phenomenon?

A puzzle game based on the physic rules

Overall, the quizzes of Brain Wash are quite diverse and do not follow a certain rule. Each puzzle has a different solution. For example, at level 12, you need to choose one of the four armored knights to find a father of the child. After making the wrong choice twice, I took a closer look and realized that the baby had the same hair as one of them. That is the correct answer. However, some other puzzles require you to draw a path like Love Balls, or drag and drop objects to the correct position according to some logic.

The puzzles also have no rules. The later levels are not necessarily more difficult than the previous ones.

Lots of challenges for your brain

Brain Wash has thousands of levels, corresponding to thousands of challenges for you to “wash your brain”. There are no rules, no time requirements or scores, you just need to solve the puzzle that the game provides. That is enough. I don’t know if the puzzles are limited or not, but I’ve played to level 629, and the game shows no sign of stopping.

What are the benefits of advertising?

There are two types of ads that you need to pay attention to when playing Brain Wash. Do you see a light bulb icon in the right corner of the screen? If you’re stuck at a tricky puzzle for too long and you start to feel impatient, tap on that icon. After running an ads video for about 30 seconds, the game will display a guide to help you through the level.

Personally, I think you don’t need hints too much. Most of the puzzles are quite easy, you can complete it in just a few seconds.

Besides, the game also has ads that automatically appear after you play about 3 levels. For easy puzzles, it’s like playing for 3 seconds and then watching a 30-second ad. Of course, advertising has never made players feel comfortable. If you feel that it is not necessary to use the hint, do not hesitate to turn off the internet during the game experience.


Many players complained that Brain Wash has some content and images that are not suitable for children, even though it is labelled 3+. At a certain level, the game requires me to wipe a mirror. And when it was done, the image of a woman appeared. Hopefully, Say Games pays more attention to its target audience and adjusts the content of the quizzes properly.

MOD APK version of Brain Wash

Right now, Brain Wash is pretty monotonous. I mean, it’s all about puzzles, and you need to solve it. Just plain that. No money, no shops or anything like that. The game just wants players to entertain and focus entirely on puzzles, with no other purpose.

If in the future, Brain Wash updates with new features, we will try to bring you the MOD version of the game. For now, let relax with these fun puzzles with me.

Download Brain Wash APK for Android

Rarely a game that has such a positive effect as Brain Wash. No need for top-notch 3D graphics, no need for fast-paced gameplay and a complicated storyline, the game can still win anyone’s heart. Whether you are on a long bus trip or only have 5 minutes of free time at work, Brain Wash is a great choice for you to relax.

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