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NameBouncy Smash
Latest Version1.04
Size310.29 MB
MOD Features No
PlatformsiOS 9.0
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Are you looking for a new and fun game? Like any other game publisher, the product of Identity Visuals LLC will bring you a unique experience. The game is Bouncy Smash. Currently, the game only supports the iOS operating system, so Android players have to wait a while to enjoy this game. I like games like this because these games are highly entertaining and more interesting.

A funny war

Bouncy Smash 2

This game has no plot. Throughout the game, there are funny battles between colourful balls. Your task in this game is just the claw to control the balloon jump up and jump down in three-dimensional space. Bouncy Smash creates many special challenges for the player. You are not the only ball in this world. You have to protect the world from other bad balls. Are you ready to face to face the enemies?

3D design

Bouncy Smash

The game is very beautifully designed, professional. The 3D graphics platform makes the Bouncy Smash environment real, fun and also extremely humorous. You can relate to the games of Voodoo or Ketchapp when you experience this game. This game has a simple interface and a simple control mechanism. The physical motion effects of the ball are very realistic. In addition, you will enjoy the vibrant music during the game.

What’s interesting?

Bouncy Smash GAMEPLAY

I’m very impressed with Bouncy Smash’s modern arcade style. In the whole game, you just swipe the ball to jump up and down. When encountering an enemy, you need to calculate your ball to jump higher than the enemy. If you hit the enemy’s head, they will be destroyed. Note, some screens have special balls. They are more resilient than normal balls. You have to take many damages to destroy them. Also, do not forget the game’s obstacles such as the laser, wood stick, etc. Bouncy Smash is easy to play, but it’s hard to master every situation.

On the other face, if you hit your head, you lose your blood too. Unlike enemies, you have 4 HP corresponding to 4 hits. You hit by enemies all 4 times, you really died. Do not subjective because, with the difficult game, I was hit by them constantly, very difficult to have the opportunity to counterattack. Dodge all obstacles, the ambush of enemies, you have a chance to win this game. Reflexes, skilful abilities are the key to winning Bouncy Smash.

Game titles have four different types of balls for you to choose from. With that, each type of ball has four different special skills. Use the buttons to use special moves, attack your enemies. In particular, you can arbitrarily change the colour and some details of the ball to match your style.


Bouncy Smash only has a single player mode. Destroy all the evil balls to pass the stage in this game. Do not forget to collect the items that appear on the stage for the easier play. Big bosses at the bottom of the screen are the most dangerous, but also give you a huge score. Reach record points in Bouncy Smash, championing the game’s rankings, competing directly with your friends.


According to myself, Bouncy Smash is a fun, new and entertaining game. If you have not found an interesting game for yourself during at the weekend, Bouncy Smash is definitely a good choice. Download the game on your device via the link below:

Download Bouncy Smash

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