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NameBoard Kings
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Board Kings is a light strategy game in the style of rolling dice on mobile. Who wants to have fun without thinking too much, please download Board Kings APK to play!

Introduce about Board Kings

Let’s see how lucky you are!

Are there any strategy games to play without confusion?

There are several games of tactics. There are games where you have to brainstorm to arrange the army, which is quite stressful to pass the stages. There are games that are more theoretical with different types of board games or billionaire chess… which are sophisticated and complex. There are other games that give a light experience: playing well is one thing, the rest depends on your luck. The characteristics of these games of chance are that they are very comfortable and arbitrary, so there is no need to think much, just jump in and play.

Maybe with so many players, playing like that is no fun. But when you are too heavy-headed or have too many things to think about, finding a game without any effort like this is a good way to relax. You can also invite friends to play together to warm up your relationships!

To be honest, it is not easy to create a strategy game of chance that does not require anything from the player but still attracts many of them. A game where after playing for a while, people still want to continue playing and don’t want to stop at all. That’s what we call a success.

One of the games I would like to introduce to you is Board Kings.

How does it feel to play Board Kings?

My experience with Board Kings is quite fun and attractive. Although there are not many true tactical elements, in return, the luck and randomness in the dice rolls of this game are well-balanced. In short, playing is easy, but winning is sometimes very difficult.

Everything in the game has no limits: unlimited dice roll, unlimited gems, unlimited bonuses. Therefore, once playing and getting into the game of chance, almost no one escapes its strange attraction.

How to play Board Kings is as follows. You will collect coins to upgrade your buildings by touching the dice button to roll. After the dice stops, you will start moving on the chessboard. And the number of moves corresponds to the total number of dots on the dice.

Each side will be dealt 4 dice in one play. Corresponding to the number of moves, you may enter a block with coins, gold, or gems. The number of coins is based on the level you are playing. Gold is used to upgrade buildings. When all the buildings in the chessboard are fully upgraded, you will be taken to a new level.

Not all destinations on the chessboard achieve the same results. Luck depends on the dice, you will be able to go to blocks with special bonuses, orders to continue to another block on the board, police areas where you have more police cars to get to any desired point on the map, or maybe the Bullseye area where you complete a minigame to earn coins, or a special block where you can capture other players’ coins.

It sounds similar to billionaire chess, but clearly, the method and details are much simpler. In billionaire chess, you can calculate and predict the situations that come your way or make the backup options so as not to be passive. As for Board Kings, nothing can be calculated. All is luck. Sometimes you will have a lot of money, gold to upgrade countless buildings. But sometimes, other people will destroy all the results, even take ownership, and then you lose all the gold coins. In Board Kings, nothing is predictable. And the anger and the joy intertwine like that to create a unique attraction of this game.

It’s like the game of chance in real life. If you like the feeling of heart fluttering like this, Board Kings is the must choose.

Multiple levels to increase excitement

Board Kings has a total of 7 different levels. You know, only when you upgrade all the buildings on the chessboard, you can level up. So, it’s difficult, not easy.

But in addition to luck, Board Kings also brings much other small happiness which is what holds players back for a long time. Some interesting features can be mentioned such as:

  • Players can name their special building to get perks on bonuses and even an extra roll of the dice.
  • Initially, the process of building and upgrading buildings was quite difficult, but the later levels became easier, in return for a larger number of deeper buildings.
  • If you invite new friends to play this game, you will get additional rewards including gems, items, and gold.
  • Each time you upgrade a building, you will get an increase in happiness. When the happiness bar is full, the game will sometimes offer a special mission and when you complete it, you can level up immediately without having to upgrade the entire building.
  • The higher the level, the more opportunities to choose many rare benefits such as increasing the number of dice rolls…

Download Board Kings APK for Android

Own real estate, level up buildings, level up yourself, and get tons of little fun while playing. Board Kings dice game will be even more fun when you play it with your good friends.

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