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Blockbusters APK + MOD (Dumb Enemies, No Ads) v1.0.1

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Package Namecom.heyworks.blockbusters
PublisherHeyworks LLC
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemies, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 6.0

Blockbusters MOD APK is a shooting game for Android that is rated 90% similar to Valorant by many players. What is the truth? Please read through the article before deciding to download it to your phone!

Introduce about Blockbusters

“Valorant” Android version

Said to be similar to Valorant, but actually, the gameplay of these two games is a little different. Blockbusters uses a third-person view instead of the first, which gives you a broader perspective but lacks practicality because you don’t see the fight from the perspective of the character. You are also only allowed to use only one weapon of your choice before starting the match. So do not think that you can pick up the full upgraded guns of a dead enemy.

The heroes will automatically shoot enemies when you point the crosshair on them. This mechanism also has two sides. You do not need to aim and shoot manually, but you need to pay attention to two things that affect the accuracy of the bullet: the range and recoil of the weapon. If you are too far away, you see the enemy but your gun still cannot fire. Perhaps I don’t need to say too much about the recoil of the gun, a familiar element of shooting games in general.

Blockbusters MOD by APKMODY

Blockbusters’s default mode is Team Deathmatch. Battles take place on a 6v6 format, within 2 minutes. You and your teammates try to destroy as many enemies as possible. If one guy dies, he respawns at the base after 3 seconds. When the time is up, the team that kills more kills wins.

Bright 3D graphics, help reduce the violent element

Graphics are the factor that makes many people think that this is Valorant Android version. The two games share the same bright graphics style. If the top shooting games like CSGO Mobile or PUBG Mobile use dark colors to simulate the fierce battlefields, Blockbusters chooses bright colors like Valorant or Fortnite to make the game easy to access players of all ages.

Blockbusters MOD APK for Android 1440x720

Despite the high-definition graphics, but Blockbusters is still quite lightweight. The game can run smoothly on most Android devices.

Team up and battle with other online players

After passing the beginner stage, you can unlock PvP mode to play against online opponents in the same area. To ensure a smooth game, you should play with a good wifi connection, avoid lag or AFK. Each match has a ranking point to determine your Elo to match matches with opponents with the same Elo. Because the game has up to 6 members in a team, you always keep the connectivity with your teammates if you do not want to be ambushed and captured by the enemy.

Choose the right hero and weapon

Not only focusing on the player’s skills and ability to use weapons, the hero is also an important factor. Each hero has its own advantages and disadvantages, helping to create the strategy for Blockbusters. As a MOBA game, based on the abilities of each hero and the map, you should choose a suitable role in the squad.

Blockbusters MOD APK download 1440x720

Besides, the weapon system of the game is also very worthy of attention. You can use any weapon, including rifles, shotguns, machine guns, or even melee weapons like axes, swords. However, you should consider the right weapon for the character you choose. A hero with a lot of health with high agility can become a tanker, wield melee weapons, and has the role of attracting enemy fire. Heroes with low health and mobility should use a sniper rifle, standing in a safe position to finish off enemies from afar.

Watch ad video to receive items

You get weapons, characters, costumes, and upgrade pieces through opening chests. Every day, you have a chance to get about 3 chests for free, but it requires you to watch an ad video for about 30 seconds.

MOD APK version of Blockbusters

MOD features

  • Dumb Enemies
  • No Ads

Note, the MOD version only works for Offline mode.

Download Blockbusters MOD APK for Android

If you love Valorant and want to look for a shooting game like that on your Android phone, Blockbusters is a perfect choice right now. Before the official mobile version of Valorant launches, please download the game of Heyworks to engage in fast-paced fierce battles.

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