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NameBlind Drive
Package Namecom.lofipeople.blinddrive
PublisherLo-Fi People
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PriceFREE $3.99
RequiresAndroid 7.1

Blind Drive APK is the weirdest driving simulation action game I’ve ever seen from the publisher Lo-fi people. In the game, you have to drive with a blindfold. Everything on the road shows up through the sounds that keep bouncing around in your ears. And I believe that you MUST wear headphones while playing.

Introduce about Blind Drive

How can you drive with a blindfold?

Any strangeness can happen in the game

The plot in Blind Drive begins with the story of Donnie. Because of the greed for money, he jumped into a project that was advertised as humane, harmless, and a lot of money to the participants. Of course, you’ve already guessed the end: He officially became a white mouse for some dark experiment that only you can discover until the end of the game.

On the very first day of the experiment, Donnie was horrified to realize the extent of his danger and foolishness. He was kidnapped, blindfolded (which, of course, could not be removed out of his eyes), handcuffed, and tied to the steering wheel of a strange car.

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The game began when Donnie suddenly woke up and realized his situation. In that darkness, the only thing was just a speedometer. Not understanding what the hell was happening, and of course not wanting to die here as a bewildered ghost, Donnie had to choose the only possible life path for himself, which was to start the car and escape (from something you will know by the end of the game).

In short, your mission is to drive according to the instructions of a mysterious voice. Later the game will reveal that this voice is of Donnie’s grandma. I don’t know if the old granny has anything to do with this crazy project, but trust me once you’ve entered the game, there’s no time to sit there guessing.

The gameplay is simple but extremely realistic

Blind Drive is by far the only game you can play without looking at the screen. Winning or losing depends on your ability to listen, analyze and react at each level.

The only data you have is the speed of the vehicle. All the remaining that a normal person needs to consider when driving including obstacles, terrain, you can only listen based on the sound. You should combine sound heard through headphones, use your life experiences and survival instincts to predict the road ahead, and overcome all obstacles.

Blind Drive also well reminds me of the movie Blind Box (with Sandra Bullock starring). When I finished watching that movie, I was naughtily trying blindfolded to do work within 10-15 minutes or so in my room. That naughty trick resulted in a bruised lump on my knee. Such an example may be enough for you to understand how terrible a blindfold driving a strange car on roads is.

And things pile up even more in later scenes, to the point where you sometimes want to give up because you will slowly realize that everything you’re going through is in the plan of that monstrous scientific experiment. When the secret is gradually revealed, the most horrifying thing appears.

And many other “heart-absorbing” things

In addition to the bizarre story with the never-seen-before type of gameplay, Blind Drive also has other unique things that you can’t stop admiring the game maker.

It is the scene design. Who says driving blindfolded in the dark can’t be exciting? That’s the opposite! The scenes on the map of Blind Drive are named like no other: Blindfolded, First try, Dont panic, Bicycle rights, Radio Grandma … Sounds crazy, signaling a strange game is waiting for you!

I said earlier that our Donnie has to drive with voice guidance (from grandma). It’s funny that in a very dangerous situation, no matter how tense it is, Donnie with this guidance can also have very funny conversations in a Tit-for-tat way that you’ve never seen before. I promise you will feel like watching a comedy!

And you are asking if the operation is easy?

Absolutely yes, it’s super easy! You just need to press two left and right arrow buttons to drive. The importance lies in your imagination and speculation. So, rest assured that whether you are playing with a Bluetooth keyboard attached to your phone, or playing directly on a tablet or mobile phone, you can handle all operations easily.

But there’s one thing you must have, a headset. In-ear or over-ear or Bluetooth speakers are fine, as long as you can clearly listen to every sound even if it is very small in the game.

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One consolation is that in each level, you have up to 3 lives to use. When you have used all of them, you will need to play from the beginning of that level. While driving, you can also collect more lives if you collect 20 or more points. Power-ups are also always on the road, so you can both get more points and unlock attractive Easter Eggs (they mention some other popular games and game characters).

The sound and graphics 

Graphics are not too many to discuss. For a person who is almost blind, everything in his eyes may be the same. This is also a game with very simple visuals, which is probably the same size as our wallets after a few pandemic quarantines. They are just something like a blood bar, signaling items, points, and a few shakes when being hit by an enemy or hitting an obstacle along the way, that’s all.

But in exchange, the sound in Blind Drive is interesting heaven. The sound quality is full of bass ranges, vivid, and extremely detailed. With the ultimate goal of helping players visualize obstacles and what’s going on the road with their eyes closed, all sounds are captured vividly. All sounds come to your ears in all directions and are also described by the use of the Doppler effect (shock wave effect). For example, you will hear the sound emitted when a car passes loudly buzzing on both sides of the headset.

Blind Drive for Android 1440x810

There is also a weird sound that you have to admit makes Blind Drive very funny. It was the voice guidance (first heard from grandma). Listening to it for a while will make you laugh aloud. Sometimes It can make you forget what you need to do on the road.

Download Blind Drive APK for Android

The game is quite creepy, dark, but extremely funny. The plot is like no other, the situation is like no other. The graphics are really meticulous but unimaginably few. The sound is over “the great”. Let’s play it right away!

Download Blind Drive to play immediately to experience unpredictable dangers when laughing out loud!

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