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NameBlast Waves
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Are you ready to deal with the rain of bullets in this epic vertical screen mobile shooter Blast Waves APK yet?

Introduce about Blast Waves

This jubilant, high-paced vertical-screen shooter will have you super excited!

Mobile games are now as rich as any other platform. Many games span every genre from action, relax to puzzle, adventure. But a genre that many players love but are always afraid to play on mobile is the shooter. They often think that shooters in the mobile will have “bad control”, “bad quality”… To prove that this point of view is only temporary, some experts has released many mobile shooters of various genres, forms, and controls and has made a strong impression on players, including demanding gamers.

Today, I will another shooter game that makes you change your mind about mobile shooters.


In Blast Waves, you will play as a commander of a Halo-esque army. The sole purpose and reason for your life and the Halo-esque army is to fight to destroy the alien enemies to protect the peace of the galaxy.


Blast Waves has jubilant, high-paced gameplay, intense critical situations that erupt, forcing you to constantly move, manage and make the most of your shooting ability along with your strategic mind. Blast Waves provides players with more than 100 weapons, dozens of types of armor, and equipment. You will need to fight hard to unlock new items, serving better for future battles.

Every action of the player in Blast Waves must be thoughtful and strategic. Each shot must be accompanied by a series of previous moves, such as observing the battlefield situation, determining the number of enemy troops, predicting the path of the bullet, considering the type of weapon used.

Because in Blast Waves:

  • The number of shots and ammunition are limited. You can’t pour bullets down on your enemies like some auto-shooting idle game.
  • Time will pass as you move. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss and even lose your force in a moment.
  • All actions have to be exact and careful if you do not want your initial arrangement strategy to be debunked by the enemy.

It can be said that Blast Waves is one of the few games with a good balance between Survival and Combat. You can see through the two game modes in this game.

Game mode

As minimalist as the player’s goal, Blast Waves has only two game modes: Roguelike Survival and Command. Depending on your interests and abilities, you can choose any of the two to challenge yourself in different ways.

As you play Roguelike, you will accompany the character from the first battles, then slowly collect more weapons, improve skills, and dive deep into the war to resolve the intergalactic conflict. You will have to take advantage of everything around from shields, terrain to your advantage in battles with alien enemies. This game mode is divided into several campaigns. When participating in a certain campaign, whenever you run out of energy and the army collapses in the middle of the battlefield, you will start over. Of course, the weapons and equipment collected were also lost accordingly. Each time you replay, the environment and enemies will appear online, making you feel like new. But also because of the pressure of starting from the beginning, players in this mode will have to maximize their capacity and ability. The game is therefore so stressful and intense.

Also in Command mode, players will do many things besides fighting: build, train, organize armies, strategize and control generals on the battlefield. Blast Waves will provide automatic combat for soldiers, to reduce work pressure for players. Your task in this Command mode is to use all your skills and minds to bring the army out of the danger zone to survive as long as possible.

There are 6 maps in Blast Waves in total, each with many small areas in it. You will experience the thrill of shooting with new environments continuously.

Graphics and sound

Blast Waves made a big impression when it first appeared, partly because of its intense and attractive gameplay. Another part is from character creation. Characters in Blast Waves are cool, majestic with bulky armor and heavy weapons. Shooting guns in battles must be said to be extremely exciting. With the vertical screen, the details seem a bit small, but every time a character introduction or upgrade is introduced, it is very eye-catching.

Allies, alien enemies, and the whole army you control in Blast Waves have many varieties. Each type has its own strength, ability, and color. When they appear together on the battlefield, they create an atmosphere of intense combat, full of violence, no less than any other heavy shooter game. The fact that there are many contexts, many scenes, and campaigns is also part of what makes Blast Waves unique, although the overall graphics are not so excellent.

The slash effects, mass destruction in Blast Waves are very stimulating. No matter which side wins, just looking at the battlefield with a series of bullets splashing everywhere is enough for players to get excited. Not to mention it is also associated with equally fierce sound effects.

Download Blast Waves APK for Android

In short, Blast Waves is an epic shooter with many exciting things. If you want to find a space shooter game, download Blast Waves to play right away.

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