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Blast Valley is an exciting entertainment game released by Voodoo around the end of March. Recently, the mobile gaming market has been rather bleak after the appearance of two survival game PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. However, the Voodoo publisher has always known how to bring players special products. I like Voodoo. They always know how to create fun games from simple things, the things we think are meaningless.

Overview information

NameBlast Valley
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Adventure of the gun

Blast Valley gameplay

In Blast Valley, you will become a gun. You will not see funny balls in some recent Voodoo games. Not stressful FPS games, or survival games that require complex tactical thinking. Your task is simple, shoot the gun to help it move as far as possible. You can imagine that the mechanism of movement of the gun is like a rocket. You shoot in a direction to create thrust, helping you fly in the opposite direction.

Games are platformer type combined with endless gameplay. Gameplay is very simple. First, you will have 22 rounds. Touch the screen to help you shoot a bullet and fly forward. In the air, the gun will rotate around, requiring you to calculate the dropping point to pick a shoot direction, helping the gun to fly as far as possible. Do so until you run out of ammunition. The score you get is the distance you have travelled.

Sounds easy? In fact, rarely is it so easy. Blast Valley always seeks to stop your efforts by countless obstacles. That’s not fair, and it makes you feel angry. But that is the charm. You will want to play one more time to not repeat the old mistake and to break the record of yourself.

The higher the level, the more difficult the game. You will have to play many times to get through. However, with that, the number of ammunition also increased. A pistol has more than 100 rounds. It sounds nonsense. But Blast Valley doesn’t think so.

Upgrade gun, why not?

Blast Valley weapon system

Once you have overcome the challenge, you will earn some money. Use that money to upgrade your gun or unlock new guns. That can help your gun fly further, or simply decorate. Who knows it.

Personal feeling

Blast Valley graphics

Graphics Blast Valley has nothing to say. Voodoo games are always the same. Simple 2D graphics, simulated in a humorous way. Notable points in this game include color, music, nature, sun, animals, … And advertising. You can view ads, or turn them off by disconnecting the network on your phone.

Blast Valley is a great game to play alone. However, you can still share your scores with friends by sharing on social networks. Challenge friends to see who can go the farthest. Will definitely be fun. Blast Valley will bring you exciting moments. Are you ready to join the cute gun adventure?

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