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NameBlade II: The Return of Evil
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Latest Version1.13.2.0
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Good news for fans of the action role-playing game, Blade II: The Return of Evil has officially been released by Kakao Games. The game is a continuation of the famous game Blade in 2014. Not only that, with the collaboration of Action Square, we have the right to hope for an unprecedented game.

Advantages of this game are still hardcore gameplay, PK continuous non-stop. The game takes you to the world of angels and demons, demonic realms, forgotten palaces, or darkened towns. Still, with role-playing gameplay has become a brand, not knowing what Blade II: The Return of Evil has improved compared to Part I?

High-quality graphics

Blade II The Return of Evil graphics

The first thing that I must mention when experiencing Blade II: The Return of Evil is the graphics. Compared to Part I, the graphics of Part II are greatly enhanced by the Kakao Games publisher. The details in the game are taken care of more completely. Each time you attack or develop your skills, you will feel the screen vibrate, creating an attractive and dramatic feel. Also, this game’s graphics are based on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, giving you the great experience. You would think this is a highly configurable PC game rather than merely a mobile game.

Hardcore gameplay

The gameplay of Blade II: The Return of Evil is not much different than other role-playing games on mobile. The player’s task is to control the main character to destroy the entire monster, open the mysterious story of the game. Action gameplay, combined with adventure. Not only that, in this mysterious world, many enemies, monsters and demons are hiding everywhere, ready to kill you at any time. You will be travelling through the barren land. Death is like a wind, always by your side.

During the battle, the game will mix some short clips, help you understand more about the plot and discover more mysteries. As a result, you will have clues to find out the ultimate evil behind this whole thing. I remember, after destroying a giant cow monster, he will let you ride to overcome many doors.

Character system

Blade II The Return of Evil character

Blade II: The Return of Evil has four main character classes, including Gladiator (Warriors, good resistance, comprehensive attack), Assassin (a beautiful female assassin, fast speed), Wizard (Mage with power, has many powerful skills) and Martial Art Fighter (a great martial arts master). Choose a suitable character and be ready to fight.

In order to increase your character’s power, you also have to equip your armor, weapons, hats, shoes, etc. Also, you can upgrade skills when you level up. Your maximum level is 100, so your skills will be very strong.

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Overall, The Return of the Evil is a high-quality RPG game. Beside beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay, lots of fierce battles await you to explore. Possibly, Blade II: The Return of Evil will be a successful game in 2018.

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