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Black Hole Hero APK + MOD (Unlocked, Unlimited LootBoxes) v1.5.1

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NameBlack Hole Hero
Package Namecom.hgamesart.blackholehero
MOD FeaturesUnlocked, Unlimited LootBoxes
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Can play offline

Black Hole Hero MOD APK is a third-person action game published by HGames-ArtWorks. In the game, you play as a faceless hero who is capable of using special energies from a cosmic black hole to punish the most powerful Mafia gangs on Earth.

Introduce about Black Hole Hero

The first black hole hero came to the world to destroy the Mafia.

Anyone who plays action games is no stranger to shooting, launching skills, running around fighting enemies. But I guarantee to play this game you will love it.

Characters are extremely unique

You will be a black hero with no face or any identifying features. Your appearance is just a soft and transparent human body. It reminds me of the liquid guy in Terminator. So the initial feeling is a bit cold, afraid to touch. But after playing for a while, getting used to it, this shape is also quite cute. The important thing is that it’s strange, not in line with any typical hero I’ve seen.

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You’ll be blown away with Black Hole’s attacks

Black Hole Hero is made up of a cosmic black hole, so everything you’ve ever heard of the power of a black hole is there. For example, you can spark an electric fire that consumes everything in a flash, or raise your hand to create a mini cosmic black hole that sucks everything in without leaving a trace… Besides these cosmic skills, he also has a full collection of guns (which you will gradually upgrade through the gameplay), not to mention the armor is also increasingly thicker and harder, sometimes even resistant to ballistic missiles from high-ranking Mafia.

 The Black Hole Hero is also extremely flexible, running at super speed, sometimes like Spiderman, clinging to the wall, launching ropes to jump from building to building. While fighting the Mafia, Back Hole can also display many talent skills enthusiasticly such as acrobatics on a BMX, spills over to a state-of-the-art F-90 tank or swings on the side wings of a combat helicopter. To be honest, the Marvel heroes can’t be compared with this Black Hole Hero.

The culmination of emotions is the vehicles

Third, the factor that pushes emotions and enjoyment to the extreme is: Black Hole Hero can take advantage of all means of transportation encountered on the road. He’s only jogging at first, but from time to time, you can ride a motorcycle, ride a bike, drive a bus, or drive a nice convertible… As long as it’s not an enemy vehicle (marked with a circle target) are all rideable. It is this flexible ability that makes the black hole hero become a bunker, diverse, and brings a lot of thrills to the player.

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When fighting the Mafia gang on all roads, you need to pay attention to the 3 life stats of this Black Hole Hero: Health, Armor, Energy. One of the three ranks down or red alert will make all skills and weapons reduced in damage. And if one of the three is used up, our hero will die.

You are free to go wherever you want

Although every game scene takes place only in Las Vegas (USA), it is also very diverse, like mixing with New York. As for the Mafia gangs, there are countless, coming from all parts of the world: the US, Russia, China, Mexico, Japan… Each gang has its boss and weapon characteristics, its way of fighting and attacking, not to mention its fleet of vehicles is getting stronger and more modern through the gameplay. So the black hole hero no matter how strong his attack, or how powerful the vehicle is, is quite difficult to fight with them.

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The favorite thing in Black Hole Hero: Vice Vegas Rope Mafia is that you can freely go anywhere, as long as you don’t forget your main task is to destroy the raging Mafia. You can go slowly, try all kinds of vehicles on the road, or go off-road trekking a bit on the mountainside.

There are a total of 20 scenes with 20 different adventure missions in the game. So at this rate, you can imagine hundreds of entertainments for Mr. Black Hole. Not to mention the number of vehicles he can use on the road is more than 40 different types, besides the usual ones like the above, he also drives army vehicles, helicopters, and Air fighters.

MOD APK version of Black Hole Hero

MOD features

  • Unlimited LootBoxes
  • Skins Unlocked
  • Houses Unlocked
  • Dogs Unlocked

Download Black Hole Hero APK & MOD for Android

Black Hole Hero: Vice Vegas Rope Mafia has beautiful 3D images, meticulous details, HD quality. This game is exactly what you need if you looking for a mafia game but on a “cosmic level”.

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