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NameBig City Life
Package Namecom.CactusGames.BCL
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Big City Life MOD APK is a simulation game from CactusGamesCompany. You will play the role of a village boy who goes to the big city to make a career. Things are more difficult than you think, but your will and determination, not afraid of difficulties will help you overcome them all.

Introduce about Big City Life

It’s never been easy for a boy to make a career in the city!

Plot and progression of the game

In Big City Life, you play the role of a young villager who goes to the big city with the desire to change his life. Life here forces him to survive at all costs. This is not a battle for survival with weapons and the boundary between good and evil as you think, this is a fight that everyone has to go through, every day, in their life: earn a living, work, consume sensibly, pay the bill, pay the equated monthly installment… It’s a real-world fight where you will have to do a lot of things to overcome and reach for a better future.

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In the game, you have a companion named Michael, a true city dweller and very enthusiastic to instruct and advise. With Michael’s suggestion, you will need a motorbike license first to be able to find a job. The big city has many things to worry about for each other’s livelihood, but there are always opportunities around.

The important thing is whether you know how to grasp it or skip through it. You will need to get a driver’s license, then find a job in the little pizzeria down the street. At first, you will stay at the motel, every month trying to save money as much as possible to cover the living expenses. Then you take turns to work through many different professions such as bricklayer, sanitation worker…

Each job has many things to overcome and complete, each time you complete it, you will be rewarded with money to pay the costs. expenses and buy things necessary for your life. And perhaps through many things, the most expensive and valuable item you can buy is a solid, comfortable home.

A few things to note when playing Big City Life

Our character will have three health indicators: Energy, Hunger, and Mood. When one of these three stats goes down, you’ll burn out. Whatever you do, it’s okay to work hard, but you need to pay attention to the level of these scales.

Playing this game is quite easy despite combining many different forms of manipulation. In times of need to make a decision, you just need to tap on the corresponding lines. When performing work operations such as driving a delivery vehicle, driving to a construction site, it is like a typical driving game segment, controlling left and right by touching the screen with the function keys on the bottom right corner. All operations are at a basic level, easy to understand and approach.

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Well, remember to check the character’s menu often. The menu will include Map, SMS, Buildings, Works, Licenses, Stats, Games, Bank. Regularly going back to the menu to review your work in progress will give you great motivation to continue the unfinished business and make more money.


By playing the game, you will enjoy vivid 3D-style HD graphics. In which the streets, vehicles, buildings, and surrounding trees are shown quite neatly and in detail. The movement of the character is also good and rhythmic, making the game experience comfortable.

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The sound in the game is also very good, simulating each specific sound very realistic and matching the actions of the character. You will hardly forget the hesitant footsteps of the character when he first arrived at the driver’s license test site, and the same footsteps later became more excited and confident when buying a car for the first time after a period of hard work. That feeling can only be understood by those who have experienced it.

MOD APK version of Big City Life

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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Big City Life is a simulation game is not too excellent in terms of visuals, nor does it contain any profound mystery stories, but just a very real life of a village boy who goes to the big city to earn a living and change his life through hard work. Diligent, persistent, and not afraid of difficulties. Living in a big city has never been easy, right?

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