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Best Fiends Stars APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.0.2

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NameBest Fiends Stars
Package Namecom.Seriously.Phoenix
PublisherSeriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Best Fiends Stars MOD APK is a good choice to download if you want to search for a simple but interesting puzzle game.

Introduce about Best Fiends Stars

Although there are tons of colorful puzzle games, there are few games with bold personalities like Best Fiends Stars. In this land called Minutia, you will feel the joyful atmosphere filled with every cartoon creature that always fills its eyes and sticky snails. This Liliputian (Tiny) world will be a place for competitors of Fiend (insect) and Slug (Snail) to compete, thereby quickly collecting all the treasures that fall from the meteor.


If you’ve ever loved Best Fiends, you can’t miss the Best Fiends Stars. One day, a shooting star falls into Fiend’s village. Meteors create treasures everywhere. Therefore, Fiend friends embark on a journey to find valuable treasures. However, they encountered their most fearsome enemy, the evil snails.

With this simple but fun linker gameplay, you can play Best Fiends Stars with just one finger. This game is extremely simple, anyone can play it. You link items on the board. Each time you create a connection, you will perform attacks on the Slug on the screen. However, the story of passing each stage is not merely destroying molluscs with unfortunate fate, having the same personality as that of the human race.

If you want to collect the treasure as mentioned above, you will chase the meteor across Minutia by completing each colorful puzzle. To do that, you will have to use a bit more tactics. In this game, you will connect items of the same color instead of swapping them. When you run your finger across the screen, make sure you will be extremely pleased if you discover the long connection lines on the grid, especially when lifting your finger off the screen to activate an extremely long sequence.

Do you need more challenges?

Each level has different requirements for you to win, so the gameplay is extremely diverse. When items and boosters in each level keep piling up, you will have to pause and think more about each of your moves. In addition to each stage, you will enjoy the ultimate joy while exploring Minutia while travelling through beautiful scenery with lush lawns, deep blue water full of pirate boats, etc.

Currently, with 2000 levels corresponding to 2000 puzzles, Best Fiends Stars is not an easy challenge for any player. Some early levels are considered tutorial levels, so don’t let the game make you feel subjective. When playing at high levels, you may be stuck at a puzzle for three days. This game limits the number of times you play, if you want to play a level when it has exceeded the number of turns allowed, you must purchase more Lives with coins.

Unlock characters

When playing Best Fiends Stars, you have the opportunity to unlock extremely funny and cute characters. They will assist you in solving puzzles by providing some bubbles capable of destroying the board horizontally or vertically. Here is some interesting information about them:

  • Dany: A mosquito that gives you bubbles can destroy 13 blocks. Perhaps the developer Seriously is a fan of dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen. Read the introduction of Dany and see if there’s anything interesting.
  • Pop: This guy gives you a bomb that destroys 2 verticals. He has no information at all because he prefers to read stories rather than telling them.
  • Temper: A courageous beetle guy, gives you a bomb that destroys a row horizontally.
  • Lapoleon: Deliver a bomb that destroys 13 tiles on the board.

In addition, you can upgrade characters to increase the range of bombs.


I am a person who doesn’t like insects and bugs. But Best Fiends Stars doesn’t scare me every time I play, even though the game is about bugs and insects. Through a few pictures, you can see the 2D graphics are designed with bright, funny graphics like animated cartoons for children. Besides, the friends of the game have lovely images and emotions.

MOD APK version of Best Fiends Stars

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: When puzzles become difficult, using bombs is the fastest way to complete the level. The MOD version will help you overcome difficult levels by providing some money so you can buy lots of bombs. And of course, you can also buy Lives.

Download Best Fiends Stars MOD APK for Android

So, explore Best Fiends Stars and explore Minutia for hours of fun in a charming, playful world where you won’t hesitate to drop by whenever you’re on your way to work or relax on the sofa in the evening.

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