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Best Fiends MOD APK 7.4.0 (Free Shopping)

With the sparkling interface, catchy symphonic background music and hundreds of levels to conquer, Best Fiends (MOD Free Shopping) is simply one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played.


Summary about Best Fiends MOD APK

NameBest Fiends
Genre, ,
Latest Version7.4.0
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
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A game that is full of bugs is definitely not good – but this is completely different. Best Fiends also have a lot of “bugs” but not bugs but real bugs (in English, “bug” means both “bug” and “error”).


The game is about a group of creatures residing in the countryside of Minutia that has been invaded by slugs. Only Temper daring to rush into their sticky lair to rescue their comrades.

Best Fiends Map
The Minutia world map spans many terrains like meadows, oceans, deserts and countless other places.

Familiar but novel puzzle gameplay

To defeat the slugs, you need to pair blocks to launch attacks. Instead of swapping blocks, you’ll need to draw a line between them: the longer you connect the chain, the more powerful the attack. This game includes the diagonal so that the challenges become more flexible. So generous, right?

You will soon build an army that looks “disgusting” but cute hiccups (nothing scary at all, really). This is very important because the slugs are getting stronger and stronger.

Best Fiends MOD APK Download
Connect all those pretty little ones and you’ll trigger an epic explosion, erasing everything on the screen as well.

Bugs system

Each bug has a special upgrade move that you can use when removing enough bricks of the same color. Temper’s special upgrade move can erase the horizontal row – combine with the vertical clearance of the Howie Lizard to create a chain effect to wipe out all the blocks.

The Kwincy spider, meanwhile, creates “a transformation block that transforms all the blocks into golden flowers so you can connect more blocks.

Best Fiends Grow Bug
You can upgrade your Fiends squad with bonuses when completing levels.

Mission system

In addition, the missions are equally diverse: sometimes, besides the mission to defeat the slugs, you also need to collect apples and lollipops, wipe off black mucus or melt the snow and ice. You can complete all those tasks with just one clever swipe.

Another important thing is that no matter what challenges you face in Best Fiends, you will always see “the heart of revival” – that is the key point to make this game continuously in the top of fascinating puzzle games on APKMODY.


In my opinion, Best Fiends is a great puzzle game with eye-catching graphics, funny sounds, and cute characters. Specifically, the bugs in the game have a funny design, similar to the image of crazy birds in Angry Birds or the worms in Larva Heroes: Lavengers.

The diverse visual design makes each game in this game look like a stop, a new challenge in the journey throughout.


Best Fiends will have a few simple first levels to help you get acquainted and interested in the game. Later on higher tables, the game will become even more difficult and challenging. Now you have to spend money to buy items at a price not cheap at all. But don’t worry, use the MOD (Unlimited Gold/Energy) version to fully enjoy this fun.

Over 90,000,000 million people have played this game. That is really an impressive figure enough to talk about the attractiveness of Best Fiends. Are you ready to enter the world of Minutia, collect cute characters, upgrade your team, defeat slugs and overcome more than 1,400 levels?

Oh, I forget. You can also try the clicker version of the game, which called Best Fiends Forever.

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