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NameBest Fiends Forever
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PlatformsAndroid , iOS 8.0
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As usual, today I will continue to introduce to you a very special adventure game that you definitely can not ignore, it is Best Fiends Forever.

Best Fiends Forever is an exciting adventure game released by Seriously. In the game, you can join the exciting battle between the evil slugs and cute characters. Let’s take a look at the article on this game below to help you get a basic view of this game before you download the game and experience it.

best fiends forever

What’s the interesting in this game?

Are you ready for the adventure of exploring the world of minutia with your little heroes to defeat the bad guys? Collect and upgrade them, explore their power to knock down the evil slugs.

Similar to other clicker games, when playing Best Fiends Forever you just touch the screen then your character will attack the enemies in front, by clicking on them and you can also activate the special skills to kill enemies faster. Each time you kill an enemy, coins will fall down there so you need accumulating to upgrade your character stronger. You can also accumulate money by opening chests that when killing an enemy, or when the helicopters fly over your location in a period of 1 to 2 minutes, it will also give you much money.

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In the game, you can earn gems by completing challenges such as gaining certain points or defeating a number slugs or you can also earn gems by logging in and connecting to your Facebook account. When you earn gems, you can buy a lot of attractive items such as coins to help you quickly increase the money when playing, or buy bombs to increase your damage to the enemy.

Upgrade the characters

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The characters in Best Fiends Forever are varied, each with a different basic damage, which determines the amount of damage they deal with each second in level 1. Each when your character level up, the damage will increases, for each level increases when the character’s damage is increased by 1.5x. After every 10 levels, the character increases the damage by 5x against the total damage. And if the character is at level 100 or 200, the damage will evolve into a new form with far more terrifying and beautiful damage. At level 100, the character’s damage will be increased to 1000x, at level 200 (the maximum level of all characters in the game) the character’s damage will be increased to 4000x.


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Best Fiends Forever is beautifully designed, the characters look very cute. The game is designed as rich as diverse as the desert, the ravine, caves, towns, glaciers with many colors. The game will take you everywhere in the world using your characters to destroy all the evil slugs.


As I see it, Best Fiends Forever is a good game with a simple gameplay that is suitable for all ages, so you should download and try it out. This game is free and supports both iOS and Android operating systems, you can download via the links below.

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