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NameBen 10 Heroes
Package Namecom.epicstory.ben10
PublisherEpic Story Interactive
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Ben 10 Heroes MOD APK (from Epic Story Interactive) is based on the popular Ben 10 cartoon. The gameplay with the top characters here will make you have to invite the whole family to play.

Introduce about Ben 10 Heroes

How paradoxical! Transforming into Alien to fight against Alien


Ben 10 is a famous American animated series that stormed for a long time on Cartoon Network. The series revolves around the main character, a boy named Benjamin “Ben” Tennyson. While camping with his grandfather and cousin, Ben accidentally witnessed a meteorite falling. This was actually just the shell of a miniature device shaped like an electronic watch (named Omnitrix), a device capable of changing the DNA structure of its wearer into alien life forms depending on the human’s selection.

Ben was exactly the type of person who could die out of curiosity. So, instead of being afraid and leaving, he came closer and reached out to pick up the Omnitrix for his curiosity. The watch suddenly flew up and clung to Ben’s wrist, making him unable to take it off. The first alien monster that Ben transformed into was Heatblast.

Since then, the blood of adventure and heroism in the boy’s heart has risen. He continued to learn, explore, and take advantage of all the time to get acquainted with the types of aliens that he could transform. In total, Ben could basically transform into 10 different characters. Because of the attraction of the Omnitrix, monsters from all over the universe also gathered around the globe with the ambition to invade the blue planet or sometimes just because they wanted to take over the Omnitrix. During his memorable summer, Ben had to face a lot of villains.

The movie was so good and attracted a lot of children and adults. So, it is completely understandable that the follow-up games were born soon after. The outstanding representative among them must be Ben 10 Heroes.

All the unique features and super diverse character lines

In Ben 10’s fighting adventure against the forces of darkness, you’ll engage in turn-based match-3 combat combos that are classic, fast-paced, and action-packed. This combination in my opinion is a pretty smart choice, both creating a richness in the gameplay and making the fighting atmosphere become light, fresh, and more accessible to children, instead of just the simple fighting screen.

You’ll take turns using Omnitrix to transform into different alien forms, gradually upgrading each character and unlocking more unique characters. Each of these friends has a special appearance and strength. The first mutants that Ben can transform into include the following:

  • Heatblast belongs to the Pyronite in magma type. The body is hot red-brown stones, and has the ability to control fire to move, fight, and absorb fire. Heatblast’s fire is so hot that it can melt most solids.
  • Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer, a lion-shaped species with outstanding athletic ability, sharp teeth, and extremely sensitive claws. The only weakness is no vision.
  • Diamondhead, belonging to the Petrosapien species, has a body full of diamonds that can cut and pierce all obstacles. Especially, it can counterattack against light weapons such as lasers and transform into a sharp weapon matching up with Ben to fight.
  • Four Arms is a giant creature 3.6m tall. It has extraordinary strength and stiff muscles. Its four-armed blows are like a heavenly punch on the opponent.
  • Gray Matter is a species of Galvan, with only a hand, a weak body. But it is the creature with the most intelligent brain in the universe. Having this person, you can repair or build any of the most complex machines.
  • XLR8, Kinceleran in dinosaur form, has super-fast reflexes and super-speed like Flash hero, even on vertical or surfaces like mud, ice, water…
  • Ripjaws, a species of Piscciss Volann, is an extraordinary swimmer thanks to the ability to breathe in water and turn its legs into a large fishtail when it hits the water. The weapon of this species is a very wide mouth and sharp fangs. The downside is that it is very weak when on land.
  • Stinkfly, a species of Lepidopterran, looks like a flying insect, has four faces on both sides of its head, can see 360 ​​degrees, and attacks enemies by spraying mucus from its eyes and mouth.

The longer you play, the more attractive characters you will unlock like Buzzshock, Wildvine…

The villains in the game are just as full as in the movie, which is enough for you to play every day without worrying about running out of the scenes. They are all too familiar names that everyone must be wary of when mentioning the hero Ben 10 such as Vilgax, Hex, Dr. Animo, Zombozo, Steam Smythe, Maurice, Sydney… Each one has a look, but everyone fulfills their role and welcomes you with very harsh attacks. This is the element that brings high drama to this game.

How to play?

Ben 10 Heroes does not mention too much about the progression of each event like the movie but focuses on the confrontations between Ben 10 and the evil monsters. Ben 10 Heroes is an action game that combines match-3 with both speed and cute entertainment. As Ben, you will help this brave boy use the power of the Omnitrix to transform into different alien characters to save the Earth.

In front of you will appear a battle scene between Ben and a certain crazy monster. Below the screen is the control section where each round button is a species that Ben can transform.

You can form a team of 3 aliens and use the combined power of all three to defeat your opponent skillfully. Each time you complete match-3, you will recharge the alien character and throw stormy attacks into the enemy’s face such as the Cannonbolt ball, the firestorm, the hook punch, the crystal sword, the laser… Ben and the monster will take turns talking to each other, and once the fight begins, you’ll have to complete a match-3 challenge to make the first move, then the other bad guy’s turn, and then it’s your turn again… until the blood of one of the two dries.

Graphics and motion

The battles in Ben 10 Heroes take place in many different alien scenes. Each with different colors and terrain also looks very cool. Particularly, the character’s shape is very close to the design of the film. So, although it looks quite small, it’s all clear, and moving smoothly. For example, the demon Vilgax is a giant octopus with dozens of hideous tentacles. It is designed in such detail that you can see each obnoxious swinging tentacle in front of you.

MOD APK version of Ben 10 Heroes

MOD feature

Free Shopping


Buy Omnivault in the store for free.

Download Ben 10 Heroes MOD APK for Android

It is such a match-3 fighting game with cartoon style. The overall shape is very unique and attractive with full colors. It looks very funny, not as scary as the concept of “alien”. Given so, Ben 10 Heroes is right for kids or adults who don’t want stress gaming. So entertaining! Why don’t you download and play with children at your home right away? I promise it’s very good.

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