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NameBeat Fire
Package Namebeatmaker.edm.musicgames.gunsounds
PublisherAdaric Music
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Surely, anyone who has played video games since the days of the NES arcade machines will miss the shooting games tagged music. Now you can find your childhood memories in this Beat Fire MOD APK music game. And not only that, but Beat Fire also helps you create your tunes.

Introduce about Beat Fire

Play music, shoot and make your own sounds.

The charm of a music game

Music games have always had a strange attraction. In those games, players are immersed in the dynamic combat process, while enjoying the attractive melodious music in the game. A long time has passed, I can’t even remember the name of the music game I used to play, but its clear and cheerful melody sometimes still appeared in my mind.

It will be even more interesting if the music game is combined with action. For example, instead of passively playing to the existing music, you are now actively creating the sound.

If you want to enjoy an active music game like that, you can try Beat Fire.


Beat Fire is a music game. It consists of two main elements: exciting, catchy EDM music and shooting. Specifically, your task is to move back and forth on the screen to control a large gun barrel. Colorful blocks of all shapes will in turn fall from the top of the screen with frequency and speed following the rhythm of the upcoming song in the game. You will need to use a gun, rhythmically and flexibly move to catch and explode those blocks. Don’t miss any blocks. Because each block is a musical note. When you shoot, they explode, which will emit music keys. Shoot all the blocks, you will hear the full melody of great live music.

In short, instead of pressing the keyboard to create a piece of music, you now use the gun to shoot the blocks containing the music keys that are falling from the top.

And Beat Fire is where you can create a vibrant, epic mix of bullets blasting on the hottest EDM music. You will both have the melody and the stimulating feeling of top-notch shooting. I promise you will want to swing to the music.

Beat Fire is also designed with a pretty unique background. Your shooting process will be more sublimated with a series of unique, sci-fi backgrounds that always change in each level (even if you play it again, it will be different from the last time). You will find yourself creating sounds on a clear morning, at sunset, or in the vast depths of the universe.

Remember to wear good headphones or attach external speakers to the phone. It will be so great!

A huge music store

The method is different from the past, the expression of the device is different, the device platform is also different. But, as Beat Fire is still a music game, its first criterion must be “Terrible music store”.

In Beat Fire, there is a super collection of songs of many genres, of which the majority are vibrant, energetic EDM tunes. You can find world music masterpieces, like Nevada by Vicetone, Monody by TheFatRat… and many more popular songs. Each song has 4 levels from easy to difficult giving players the freedom to choose. It’s up to their ability or mood. If you complete the song well, you will get a bonus. The more money you have, the more new songs you can buy. And your journey with music continues without end.

Game mode

To suit everyone, Beat Fire offers 2 game modes. In normal game mode, you can choose the music of your choice and choose one of four levels of each song to test your skills.

In level mode, you will go a very long way in levels from easy to difficult, from slow to fast that the game sets up.

Customize everything you want

Beat Fire is also a place to let the imagination fly because you can customize everything in your hand. You can customize both the music keys (blocks) and the type of gun used to fire the music keys.

Let’s talk about the music keys first. You can choose the shape, color, and size of the blocks that fall from the top. Those colors with all types and styles will create a vivid, vibrant, very happy screen.

As for the music gun, depending on your imagination and preferences, you can create your unique weapon. Each weapon has a different sound, bullet pattern, bullet color, and firing method. When there are many bonuses, you can also use them to open new weapons. The way the sound of the bullets and the sound of the different music keys is mixed creates a whole new EDM combination.

You may want to play this game again and again. Every time you try a new weapon, a new key shape, the feeling is completely different even if the music is the same.

MOD APK version of Beat Fire

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Beat Fire APK & MOD for Android

Instead of choosing a stressful entertainment or too normal one with nothing new for relaxing hours of the day, you can completely come to the music, sounds, and mindless shooting scenes as in Beat Fire. Playing and creating music in your own way, isn’t it a very exciting job? 

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