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BattleBox is a shooting action game with interesting gameplay and attractive visuals from ChaloApps. Feel free to show off your shooting skills!

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Introduce about BattleBox

Let’s join the firefight!

The map is attractive, but the vehicles are even more unique

Depending on the game mode selected from the beginning, one or several warriors will appear majestically with huge guns in hand. The game quickly begins. The layout of controlling and displaying the character stats is quite clear. On the left side of the screen, above is the blood column, first aid kit, and the chatting box with teammates (for multiplayer mode); and below is the button to move the direction. In the middle of the screen, above is the countdown time. On the right are weapons including guns, ammunition, bombs, and grenades.

BattleBox for Android

This shooting game is all represented by sharp 3D graphics. It uses the third-person view to show the flexibility of the surrounding environment and help players feel the full tenacious fighting skills of the soldiers. When playing BattleBox, we have many opportunities to participate in dynamic battles on different maps. The only goal is to defeat the enemy and become the last survivor. The game scenes constantly change through each level, bringing endless excitement to the player.

But it’s the unique vehicles that create the ultimate excitement. During the game, you should combine the weapons you have and take advantage of all the vehicles you can get on the road to win on the battlefield. Those vehicles can be rockets attached to your feet to help you fly high, tanks, or even helicopters… Each type of vehicle has its characteristics and functions. Using them proficiently can help you survive as long as possible on the battlefield.

The battlefield is not always deadly

It sounds like BattleBox is a game about violence and shooting only. But this game contains many elements of surprise and humor. Right in the middle of dead space at a time of life and death, you can still feel the funny moments of both the character and the surrounding environment.

Playing BattleBox, sometimes I forget that I must go everywhere to find the enemy because I’m busy laughing. The warrior picking up the gun and going around looks so awkward and funny. Then you go into the game, you will see that there are too many strange things that keep popping up. Your warrior can be a handsome guy, a meek girl, or an ugly monster. Their gaits are even weirder. In the battle, they not only shoot each other but use their weird tricks to fight.

Yea, they are both dangerous and funny. The battlefield is sometimes not like a shooting place anymore, but more like a performance stage. For example, when you diligently aim to shoot a soldier in the distance, a monster uses the rocket attached to its foot to run back and forth. Yeah, that’s another player’s monster. Well, if you want to set your rule – fighting seriously, then do it. And if you want to joke like that, feel free to play. There are no rules or constraints in BattleBox.

BattleBox MOD by APKMODY

But don’t underestimate the enemy. They can joke like that, but they are all strong and dangerous. One minute of neglect can change your life. If you slack off a bit, you’ll lose right away.

Game mode

BattleBox has three modes. Sandbox: where you can create your own rules of the game. You can shoot whatever you want, or even create many other objects on the map to challenge your shooting skills. Deathmatch mode is where you fight against many people. Your warrior can shoot all other opponents on the screen and vice versa, you can also be shot by others, so be careful little by little. In team battle mode, you team up with other players and fight against other players.

Deliberately making it difficult

An important point you must remember when playing this game. You can see that all the buttons are on the screen, the character is also quite large and muscular, the third-person view is clear and vivid, and the environment is also neat. However, aiming at the enemy is not easy at all. The strange physics simulation in BattleBox intentionally makes it difficult for players.

The aiming point is just a tiny cross. When it comes to the right enemy, it will appear red, when it doesn’t come to the target, it will turn white. Enemies are fast and slow at times. When they are close, they are bi. When they are far away, they are small. So, it is harder to aim and shoot them. And sometimes, while you struggle to adjust the gun and aim to shoot, the enemy takes a shot and kills you. Well, it is extremely difficult. But I promise you will always laugh at your own missteps.

MOD APK version of BattleBox

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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If you are tired of serious shooting games, now is the time for you to try another funny one, BattleBox. It is an online 3D shooter in a sandbox environment where you are free to move and do whatever you want to do. If you want to compete for any vehicle, you must be quick before the enemy steals it. So funny and highly stimulating!

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