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NameBattle Towers
Package Namewww.elysium.battle.tower.defense.kingdom.rush.castle.clash.hero.war
PublisherEly Anime Games
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 7.0

Battle Towers APK is a real-time strategy card game that allows players to control and fight against the rival army. Let’s explore this amazing game!

Introduce about Battle Towers

Immerse yourself in the world of Battle Towers


Battle Towers lets you play the role of heroic warriors from different races, working side by side to fight the enemies of dangerous monsters. A warrior can be anyone on the different side such as magicians full of magic, or good-natured Orcs, and even wise men.

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Money units in Battle Towers are Gems and Gold. You can watch ads to get it more, then use them to upgrade minions, champions, and chariots.


When playing Battle Towers, you will have your champions. Instead of using the usual automatic shooting machines or building towers to defend, here, you will put the champion in a carriage to start the defense. This means that not only defend, you also have to build a squad that is suitable for specific champions, then combine the power of the champion and the vehicle to create a powerful combat combo against the enemy’s attacks.

When playing, the enemy will appear from the right side of the screen, and your land is on the left. As the level increases, the number of enemies also increases rapidly. At first, it was just a few, then it was an army with many different types of monsters. Some monsters are normal, some are very strong, some can move very fast. The battlefield in Battle Towers is not only about hand-to-hand combat, but you also have to have a tactical and plan to expect to survive.

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The first-time combination of the Hero Cards and the Defense of Battle Towers will surprise you and then lead to many other attractions along the adventure. You always feel you’re more “responsible” with the defense vehicles, with each weapon that the generals are holding, with the way to choose to upgrade characters and items in the game.

Vehicle upgrades by modular

During the battle, you can collect many modules. Choose and install these modules on your champion’s vehicle, you will receive a variety of vehicle styles and attack powers. Vehicles here can be modularly upgraded to accommodate more generals or have more epic weapons. Depending on the situation and enemy characteristics, you will have different options.

The modules used to upgrade the vehicle themselves are also divided into colors like the champions. Corresponding to each color will have different power. Genres are very diverse, from cannons, lasers, planes, and robots, any size is available as you go higher level.

Combining these unique battle vehicles when going with different types of generals on the vehicle, and then with the troops on duty on the ground, you will have the most powerful combo of forces to combine attacks on stunned enemies.

Upgrade the champions

The nature of the typical general card game, the most focus is still on the champions. The good thing about Battle Towers is that right from the start, there is a complete list of champions that you can collect or upgrade. The champion’s strength level is divided by color: orange is the most basic, followed by purple, and the most advanced is blue. Currently, Battle Towers has more than 50 different types of generals, each with their own appearance, color, strength, and skills. But in general can be divided into 3 main groups: melee, long-range, and magic.

Everything is gradually different through the levels

When passing a certain level, new features will open. For example, after the first few levels, there will be Recruiting and Gold Earning, after level 10, the daily quest will be opened, after level15 there will be a leaderboard, through level 16 will be open PvP mode, and after level 30 you will have the open-world map.

When the difficulty starts to increase, not only are you overwhelmed by waves of enemies, you also have to constantly upgrade the items you have. Even the upgrade speed must be more intense than the beginning. In addition to lifting champions, you also have to raise towers. Because upgrading the tower you will have more health, more champions can have on a vehicle. That means you need a lot of gold. So the first phase should be a phase of focusing on earning gold.

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Later on, the monsters will also have their own vehicles. The vehicles are also majestic, equally fiercely equipped as yours. You will have to be fully equipped before things come up unexpectedly. The game is quite funny and relaxing, the graphics are also gentle and lovely, but the difficulty is also very considerable.

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In short, Battle Towers is a game that combines unique cards with exciting gameplay mechanics and a fun chibi cartoon graphic style. If you want to try a new defense game, with many strange combos, then you should play Battle Towers.

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