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Battle Team is the latest mobile game released by VisualCube on both Android and iOS platforms. In fact, the game was released a month ago in the form of a test version in a number of countries, until today, the game was officially released globally. Battle Team developed by Visual Cube and released simultaneously, be ready to take part in challenging battles.


Summary about Battle Team APK

NameBattle Team
Latest Version1.0.25361
MOD FeaturesNo
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS
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You should read this article before downloading the Battle Team (APK / IPA) for your device for a basic look before playing.


Battle Team plot 1

This game is set in the fictional world of the future when the earth began to be alienated by the aliens. In order to fight and defend the Earth, humanity has formed a warrior army and trained the best for them, producing the most modern armor and warrior robots to face the aliens forces that more and more dangerous.

The game does not have a long introduction like Heir of Light, after logging in you will be immediately involved in the battles and these battles will also gradually explain the context of the game. It is also a good opening and does not make players wait, especially those who do not have the habit of waiting for something.

Collecting card gameplay

Battle Team fighting 1

Battle Team has selected a familiar gameplay where you’ll have to build a squad of different fighters in positions like assault, assault, defense, etc. The team must be made before each battle.

The battle mechanics of the Battle Team are turn-based, which means that you will have to select certain skills to use and select certain targets on the screen. Each hero in the battle will have HP stats and physical strength, you will win if you destroy the entire opponent before, or else you will fail.

Battle Team also focuses on upgrading bases. There, you will need a lot of items collected in the game to make the necessary items for the hero, as well as unlock new heroes.

More than 300 heroes

These heroes have unique skills and stats and are only suitable for certain positions. Currently, the hero system in the Battle Team has up to nearly 300 different heroes, so you can mix into different teams depending on your style of fighting. Especially the heroes will have a certain association that if you arrange these generals in the same team will create additional effects.

These heroes can be summoned from different lands in the galaxy, they will help you throughout this journey but first, you have to find them.

Battle Team fighting 2 1

Game modes

Battle Team consists of several different game modes, which in each mode, you will achieve certain fun. PVP mode allows you to fight against other players around the world, challenging your own tactics and your opponents. Meanwhile, the story mode will take you to distant lands between galaxies, where humans have never explored. You will be able to go to active volcanoes, abandoned bases in the galaxy, even the enemy base. Throughout the game is the story of bold humanity.

If you are brave enough, you can join the Infinite Tower, where the wicked aliens pass through it to infiltrate the earth. Fight and destroy all enemies from easy to hard, big rewards only for those who dare go into the worst in the Infinite Tower.

3D Graphics

The graphics of this game are not so good-looking, but in a good way, the design of heroes makes people think of future fantasy films like Avatar or Stars War.

You will be immersed in exciting and stressful battles through 3D graphics that are both simple and fun.

Final thought

I think Battle Team is a picky game. You can not just use powerful heroes to win. This game requires tactics, calculations, and accuracy. Through the system of missions throughout the game, the Battle Team will make you rethink many of your calculations.

It is worth saying that the Battle Team does not put pressure on myself when playing this game, the game does not force us to buy items in the game. Although the game also features auto-play, manual play and the selection of skills that you want the hero to perform still bring the different emotions.

This game is now available globally, both iOS and Android. You can download Battle Team APK for Android; Battle Team IPA for iOS or download from the two largest app marketplace in the world, Google Play, App Store if you want.

Download Battle Team for Android (APK)

  • Battle Team for Android APK - v1.0.25361

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