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NameBattle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2
Package Namecom.spcomes.kw2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 MOD APK is a defense strategy game from Springcomes on mobile platform. In the game, you transform into a talented captain leading your army to fight the enemy and trying to unify the country. Retire or Attack? The key to success is depending on which group of soldiers and skills you choose to fight quickly.

Introduce about Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2

Attack or retire? It’s all up to you.

Besides the lofty ideal of destroying all monsters for unifying the country, what are we fighting for?

After each victory, we will get the seals representing each level passed. For each type of seal, we will upgrade to our troops: they are elite, run a little faster. At the same, there will be a new type of troops with new skills to join and fight together.

Battle Seven Kingdoms Kingdom Wars2 for Android

In the game, we will have the opportunity to collect hidden treasures and the amount of bonuses is quite generous. After enough accumulation, these two items will help you equip soldiers’ weapons to upgrade their combat ability without going through the training process. From soldiers with swords, they will immediately become good archers within one note when you have enough money to buy them arrows.

There will be many different characters and stages for the army to become more and more powerful. Initially, for example, you only have a maximum of 14 weak swordsmen to directly attach in close distance. To level 2, the situation is more complex, the enemy is a bit stronger, a little more crowded. Respectively, we will have 1 more new type of soldier with new skills (such as archery and cannon shooting later, …)

And skill upgrades or weapons are not just that. Going to the later parts of the game, you will have legendary soldiers (as modern special forces soldiers). They are warriors capable of skillful magic and slay a wide range of enemies with ease. And yet, for the soldiers we capture, some are still alive, we can take advantage of them to build defensive fortresses for us. 

Great point of the Tactics section

Compared to the current strategy games, Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 has a rather strange way of playing. You will have an army of more and more powerful with different skills. In total, throughout the game, there are more than 100 units for you to freely control.

The beauty of the Tactics section is that during the whole battle, you can choose one of 3 modes: Attack, Defense, and Retreat. You should retreat behind large fortresses as soon as realizing the danger and losing balance. While the enemy is armed to destroy these defensive fortresses, you will focus on healing, increasing your forces to continue to attack. But do not take too long because these fortresses only last for a certain time, then they will also collapse, and the enemy will overflow like water breaking banks.

Battle Seven Kingdoms Kingdom Wars2 MOD APK download

After a while of the Attack, the soldiers will be tired and show signs of fatigue, you should fight and retreat to our barracks for Defense. In the end, if it doesn’t work, then Retreat. While defending, if you get new troops or the enemy is weakening, let’s attack again. The right choice and the proper control of your troops will bring you victory in any battle.

In return, the enemy also has 3 similar modes. So, your task is to take advantage of the gaps between the enemy’s tactical changes to quickly destroy as many fortresses as possible so that they have no place to live. This is also a special feature of the game compared to other defense games I’ve played, where the enemy just comes and appears continuously, without stopping.

Notes for playing this game

The first big note for you is: Just get a little closer, raise your sword to hit the opponents, you don’t have to touch directly to kill them like in some common games. You also need to be careful not to get too close to the enemy. I also got this problem a few times when I first started, it’s much better to get used to it.

In Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2, what you go through is a cumulative form. You gather upgrades of skills, weapons, new soldier characters, and successfully occupied lands. Thus, the whole game is a seamless story. When you go to the end of the map, occupy all the strongholds, it is considered to fulfill your wish of unifying the country, chasing the aggressive monsters.

Graphics and sound

Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 is exactly a 2D game with classic graphics for mobile: simple, easy-to-see structure, lightweight, and doesn’t take up too much space on phone, but still very sharp and detailed. You can clearly see the numbers, information, and identities of the special units without difficulty or confusion.

The play scenes are also quite diverse. Each scene has its own characteristics with color tone and tough enemies. So, the excitement in the game will never end even through hundreds of scenes.

Battle Seven Kingdoms Kingdom Wars2 MOD by APKMODY

The music in Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 surprised me a little because it is quite fresh and optimistic. There is no element of mystery, ghost threat, or too heavy dark like the usual ancient strategy games. Continuously, on that background is also a series of typical sounds such as the sound of swords slashing, the sound of bullets flying, bows hitting enemies, the sound of the fortress broken … All are very suitable and moderate.

MOD APK version of Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

How to use?

Exchange Gems into Money, Gems increase when used. Note, you need to have enough Gems to exchange.

Download Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 MOD APK for Android

This whole, on the mobile platform, both creates the necessary energy for players and also a sense of excitement of a true strategy game, which is not easy to balance. Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 did it, in a very simple and well-tuned way.

Play games to enjoy all the cool things I just mentioned above, everyone. Download Battle Seven Kingdoms : Kingdom Wars2 via the links below.

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