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NameBase Jump Wing Suit Flying
Package Namecom.base.jump.gliding
PublisherBoomBit Games
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Base Jump Wing Suit Flying MOD APK is truly a skydiving simulation game for those who are addicted to this dangerous sport.

Introduce about Base Jump Wing Suit Flying

Spread your wings and start flying like you’ve never been before!

Simulating a great sport that everyone loves but few dare to do 

The mecca of mobile games is casual simulation games where you can play comfortably with one touch. It is even more interesting when with just that simple action, you have the opportunity to do something you can hardly do in real life like skydiving, for example.

Do you have the courage to go skydiving? This experience, through movies and YouTube, seems very exciting. Many people also call it the feeling that one should do it once in a lifetime. But to tell the truth, this hobby hides many risks, dangers. And not to mention that its expensiveness makes it impossible for many people to do it.

Fortunately for us, times are very different now. Instead of looking for an opportunity to try Skydiving, or regretting that you have never tried it, you can completely get some of this amazing experience through a few neat simulation games right on the mobile. Let’s try it through Base Jump Wing Suit Flying!

Skydiving game on mobile, rare but real

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying is one of the skydiving simulation games. But it is not simply skydiving. You will be equipped with the most beautiful flying suits, the most iconic powerful wings. And you will be taken to a high place and then begin to plunge, then perform your longest and most skillful aerial movements.

Each stage of skydiving has its own characteristics

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Beginning phase
  • The phase of gliding in the air and finding a way to maintain the longest flight time (Airtime)
  • Landing phase

In all three of these stages, you will have different scoring factors. To get the highest score and have the opportunity to open many other beautiful outfits, you must “master” your advantage at each stage. For example, in the early stage, you should choose a time when you are really mentally ready and choose a corner from which you can jump off and navigate easily. Or when landing, choose a certain destination to get there slowly, instead of landing quickly then dying without enough points. All these you can only feel and draw your own experience after many levels of play.

The feeling is super strong 

From above, you fly around and land on the ground. You can surprise any passerby or resident of that area. Of course, when you are not used to playing, there will be many funny situations. For example, your clothes are neat, your posture is serious, but when you fly down, you fail. On the ground is nothing but gray and white. You look so miserable. People on the street look at you with pity, and then they walk past. That feeling is quite “wretched”.

But when slowly getting used to how to control the game, you begin to realize the advantage of the terrain, know how to take advantage of left and right movements to follow the wind, and have tricks to prolong Air time. When you land on the ground, it will be as light as a bird’s wings. And of course, you land on the right target (like a pre-placed stele, for example). At this time, how people look at you will be different. You can even make a bird fly across the sky to stop and watch. And there is even a burst of applause in the game. This is exactly the funny moment that any Base Jump Wing Suit Flying player wants to aim for.

Rich and beautiful place

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying will take you to various skydiving locations. Most of them are very beautiful. It is these contexts that have contributed significantly to the excitement of players. We have skyscrapers where you stand on the top and throw yourself down. We have a helicopter where you get your gear ready and start falling from above. And we have a deep, high snow mountain…

Each place has its terrain, difficulty, and different scenery. It is the first difficult problem that you have to figure out to have a perfect skydive. It is also a gift that gives you a sense of glory because only when you pass the old stage will you come to the next stage with a different scene.

Control the divine skydiving

To get a lot of points from Air time and preparations, then landing and all, you must master the controls in the game. Simply press the left, right, up and down buttons to correct the direction of the skydiver. Take advantage of the wind direction, take advantage of the gaps in the air to maintain the longest and most skillful flight. The more points you earn, the more money you have. Use money to unlock new flying suits and also unlock character upgrades so that in the following levels, the results will be even better.

But no matter how much you upgrade and no matter what the situation, you should remember that only with good control of the jump can you win.

Compete skydiving with friends

You can invite friends to join the party. Compete in turn and then total the score to see who flies better. Honestly, if this game had an extra feature of skydiving competition divided into two screens to compete in every second, it would be much better. Hopefully soon the publisher will consider this feature.

MOD APK version of Base Jump Wing Suit Flying

MOD feature

Free Upgrade

Download Base Jump Wing Suit Flying APK & MOD for Android

The game is short, the physics simulation is good, each level is only in a few seconds, but the feeling is quite dramatic, and you will never feel bored. If you are interested in skydiving, you can download Base Jump Wing Suit Flying here.

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