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Players who love RPG adventure games must know the epic game The Banner Saga, which has dominated the PC platform and game consoles for many years. Now the game is available on iOS and Android with the name Banner Saga 2 APK. The game is a heroic and touching epic about the heroic Vikings. This time, you play the role of a patriarch with loads of responsibilities on your shoulders.

Banner Saga 2: The weak side of the mighty Vikings warriors

The inspiration from the Vikings has never been exhausted

If you’ve ever played Banner Saga on PC, you already know this is a game that combines many styles in one: role-playing, action, strategy, fighting, and survival. Each of your choices in each move, along with all the vital factors surrounding it, can lead to a unique outcome.

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Now, Banner Saga 2, the remake version for the mobile platform, is not in the original style. And we will have the opportunity to return to admire the heroic feats of the people who are considered the most majestic heroes in human history, the Vikings warriors.

Called Banner Saga 2 because the game itself has a close connection with the previous The Banner Saga, but it expands more epic and depicts the other side of Vikings’ mighty majesty much bolder.

But from a completely different perspective

Unlike all the Vikings-themed games that have been developed, Banner Saga 2 is not about bloody battles, fierce territorial battles as we know it in history. Instead, the game goes into a hidden corner of the Vikings, where they are just ordinary people who also have to fight nature, weather, environment, and disease to survive and thrive.

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It must also be added that a factor leading to the game’s overall success is in the graphics. The 2D graphics in Banner Saga 2 are very satisfying. Every detail is depicted deeply and subtly, to the point of touching me. Like the icy snow scene, just looking at the small huts nestled together in the middle of a snow-white “field” is enough to make you goosebumps when you think about the humility of man in the face of nature. Everything will be washed away in a hurricane, even if you are an illustrious warrior.

Why is Banner Saga 2 a tactical role-playing game?

During the fight to survive and lead your tribe, you will have to make a series of decisions. And as I mentioned above, every decision has a trade-off and will lead to different game outcomes. The most common type of decision-making is to answer the question Confrontation or Compromise, not simply Yes or No, Continue or Stop like before. To be assertive and make good judgment, you need a good tactical mind and a sharp mindset.

Tactics are also clearly shown in the gameplay in the form of a chessboard with many squares. All characters will sequentially make their decisions in order, from small tasks such as assigning tasks, choosing weapons, choosing people to patrol to bigger tasks such as dispatching, making shields, building bases… Each player has a maximum of 10 levels. Depending on the ability to damage monsters, survival skills in situations that you will slowly upgrade. And especially from level 6 and up, players will be able to choose to learn one of the skills they lack to improve and upgrade themselves.

And why is Banner Saga 2 a humanities epic story about people?

Under the leadership of the patriarch, the heroic people on the battlefield will now be humble before the cold winter or the seemingly endless wet season. You work with your assistants to make smart decisions and strategies to help the whole tribe survive the harsh weather, maintain food resources through hunter-gatherer assignments, fight with ancient monsters.

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Leaving behind the senseless battles, in the end, things waiting for each one is just the precious family and the existence or destruction of the whole race. Isn’t this the so-called “happiness” that everyone is looking for, whether you are an ordinary person or a mighty warrior?

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Because of this humanistic spiritual value, but based on the heroic epic foundation of the most bloodthirsty human race, Vikings, Banner Saga 2 really makes players satisfied with their eyes and ears, experience and touch the hearts of the coldest gamer. Experience the heroic epic of Vikings, Banner Saga 2 APK here.

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