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NameBanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
Package Namecom.bushiroad.en.bangdreamgbp
PublisherBushiroad International Pte Ltd_
MOD FeaturesAuto Perfect
RequiresAndroid 4.4

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MOD APK is a famous free-to-play music game on mobile platforms, especially in the Asian. You will transform into the leader of the band, lead and accompany the band to create great success. The game is played in both modes: with AI and Multiplayer with friends.

Introduce about BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Do you want to be a music star?

A mobile music game has a strong spread

Strong music wave from Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Thailand … is also a popular topic in entertainment games. But to have pervasive power and achieve lasting value like BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, not all games can be done.

BanG Dream Girls Band Party for Android

The game originates in Japan, but the nature and development of the music industry in the game is typical. This is the first factor that helps BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! easy to enter the hearts of players, especially Asian fans.

Attractive Gatcha gameplay

You, as the initiator, one day discover your passions and begin your quest, recruiting, and training members for your future band. Each of these steps requires a lot of effort and dedication. And, in the game, all moves, big and small, are done through the Gatcha system.

For those of you who don’t know, Gacha comes from “gachapon”, a Japanese vending machine that dispenses plastic capsules containing toys. Toys are often the protagonists of popular manga or cartoons, and the buyer’s goal is to complete a collection. That’s all but Gatcha is incredibly addictive because there are so many ideas to put in capsules, and because the player has no idea what toy they’ll get. When entering this game, players will spin the Gatcha to receive valuable items (such as equipment, costumes, weapons, characters, money …).

BanG Dream Girls Band Party MOD APK download

In BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, you have little challenges just for fun, then the gatcha spins. When you receive something, you will accumulate and gradually enrich your “treasure”. There are important items that can be redeemed from many items that you do not use. Besides, with extremely rare items, you need to be really lucky to spin it in the lucky spin.

And also, with the unique qualities of a Gatcha game, the difficulty sorting system in BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! seems impossible to make you difficult. Tasks from small to large are going quite smoothly. Your actions on the phone are just select, drag, swipe and touch.

In particular, the rewards of mini-games are many. Of course, about 50% of that is something that has no value, but the rest will help you more or less until you have a rare item that you really love. In general, the gameplay of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is easy to play and easy to get rewards.

The Gatcha system in the game is both a fatal attraction and a controversial topic for many people. Its risk is quite high, and slowly digging into the later levels it seems that the Gatcha element is more than just gaming. But in return, the feeling of “want to have everything” has made many people addicted to this game.

Multiplayer mode

When playing multiplayer mode, you will play with up to 4 more people to form a 5-person band, like the usual structure of a classic band in real life. Explore the magical world of artifacts together and shine together as a star band. Not only “together” but also a healthy competition among group members. The gatcha system, music, and spoils will keep you bustling, wanting to win and not wanting to leave the game half a step.

The plot is quite depth

Unlike other simple music games, where only motion, background music and notes constantly appear, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! also has a carefully invested story. In the game there are 6 optional bands from the beginning: Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel * Palettes, Roselia, Hello, Happy World!, Morfonica. Each of these bands has their own story and different paths to success.

BanG Dream Girls Band Party MOD by APKMODY

Play BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, you are not the only one to help your band shine. During that process, you need to think of directions, find, filter members into the group, train the skills necessary to stand on stage, chat, confide with members. Help them solve their individual problems, team up together, explore new places and go up to higher levels together in the future.

This is the variety and depth of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! that not all music games have.

Lovely graphics

And if anyone asks which music game to create the cutest image, I want to nominate BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!. Each character’s Anime style, from their faces, hairstyles, expressions, to the way they talk, are all very cute. You will never forget the sparkling eyes, succulent lips or the lovely shakes of the girls and boys in the game. 

Catchy music and sound

Play BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, no matter what scene or level you are in, you can indulge in smooth, vibrant melodies. The game has more than 200 songs of your choice, including original songs and covers by famous J-Pop artists, especially famous anime songs that no one does not know.

The game also has a variety of great non-music sounds: the sound of the Gatcha spins, the cheering applause of the audience, the dialogue of the characters in the game is the voice of the Famous Japanese anime voice actor.

Besides that, you can also try some music games on APKMODY like Incredibox, Cytus II.

MOD APK version of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

MOD feature

Auto Perfect

Note, you need to download data (about 1G) the first time you open the game.

Download BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MOD APK for Android

Overall, this is a great entertaining game for those who love music and anime. The game is fun, easy to play, suitable for all ages. Everyone, please download the game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! MOD APK to play now.

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