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Not only the flamboyant racing or modern supercars, Ketchapp’s Balls Race offers players an exciting racing experience, reminiscent of childhood games. Balls Race has simple graphics combined with fun gameplay, promises to bring players endless entertainment moments. The game is suitable for all ages. If you are looking for a unique racing game, this game is an excellent choice.

Overview information

NameBalls Race
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Introduce Balls Race by Ketchapp

Race Balls possesses the same gameplay as other speed racing games, but you do not control any cars at all. Like their previous game: Dunk Shot, this time Ketchapp continues to put the ball image into the game.

Entering the game, you will transform into a white ball. Your task is simply to get the ball to the finish line in the fastest, and goal in front of the other balls on the track. Use the two sides of the screen to control your ball (left and right). Victory or defeat, it all depends on your level of driving. Do you want to be a loser in this exciting game?

This game is divided into several levels. On the first level, you will be racing with 20 different colored balls. Increasingly, the number of balls per game will increase. This really creates a great challenge. I think this is one of the most attractive elements of this game. Try to make a record in this game.

In other racing games, if you collide with the terrain, you will be back to the track and return to 0 km / h. However, if you do the same thing in this game, you will die immediately. Yes, if you let your ball hit the terrain on the track, the game will end. This will make you really care to finish this fierce race.

Also, the support items you encounter along the way is also very useful. Gold bars help you accelerate, and red bars help you jump high. These additions are like the double-edged sword. Sometimes I go through the red line and rush straight into the wooden bucket in front. Horizontal barriers or mobile crates will be the deadly danger in this game.

Game modes

One thing that I quite disappointed about Balls Race is that the game does not have many game modes but only the racing mode through the default screen. This easily creates boredom for players. We hope that the publisher Ketchapp will update the new game modes especially PvP mode so that players can interact with their friends in this exciting game.

Besides, the game also has many ads during the game. There is a way for you to overcome this situation. When playing, disconnect the Internet, Balls Race does not require the Internet when playing. However, interesting, addictive gameplay will compensate for some of the shortcomings of this game.


Although very simple in gameplay, this game has a simple yet colorful 3D graphics that will make you enjoy it from the very first time. The maps racing beautiful, fun especially diverse to enjoy the fun when playing. Besides, the sound is enjoyable, creating an entertaining game.


Balls Race is not as big as a puzzle or role-playing game. It is simply born to be entertaining, helping people get tired of life. And if you’re such a simple person, download this game right now and join the game.

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