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Package Namecom.frogmind.badland
PublisherHypeHype Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
RequiresAndroid 4.1

If you love Flappy Bird’s inhibitory feeling but are not satisfied with the simple graphics, then I think you have to play BADLAND MOD APK.

BADLAND: The game makes you both inhibitory and addictive

BADLAND is an adventure game genre from publisher Frogmind. The game was voted excellent for many years by iOS and Android players. After playing, you will understand why addiction is so sophisticated with many reasons.

Gameplay is simple, but very fun and addictive

Like classic stereotypes, BADLAND has gameplay that can’t be simpler. Playing on mobile or tablet, you have only one task: touch, hold the screen and move your character through the obstacles in the game. It can even be played with one finger, so basically, this game is extremely entertaining, which can become a daily reward for young children.

But, everything has its downside. The rule and control are simple, but the challenges and obstacles in the game can drive you crazy. You must always make sure that you always move forward, cannot turn back, as the screen moves continuously to the right. The scenes just pass by, if you do not move in time and get stuck between the screen and an obstacle, you will die in it. Game over!

BADLAND for Android

I forgot to mention the main character. I don’t know what it is. My boy said this is a hedgehog, I think it looks like an owl. No matter what it is, in general the character’s name is Clony. A very iconic and meaningful name. Enter the game, at first everything is still simple, you just have to jump, fly and fly to easily overcome obstacles.

This game is really “BAD”

From scene 2-3 onwards, BADLAND reveals its original form as a “bad game” with all kinds of traps, enemies, and obstacles. Yet, wherever Clony goes, he will save some of his companions, sometimes a cute little Clony, sometimes even a bunch of black Clony. The most painful is they will follow you, not leaving half a step. The Clony life was very tiring, crossing the forest to live day by day, but now, you have to take care many Clony. It sounds simple, or maybe you are thinking “playing game with friends is fun”.

But the reality is this:

  • The little Clony was really useless, not going to help Clony.
  • And the presence of the little Clony will be extremely distracting and confusing. Especially every time they fly up and down, they just spread out on the top and bottom of the screen, look really impatient.
  • And whether you intend to chase away or not, they will go on following heels, unless you die.

This is also a new factor, and is an indirect challenge that chases the player to the end.

Not only that, the game BADLAND spoiled, also designed a series of dangerous deadly pitfalls. For example, sharp cliffs, forests with no way out…. You must always keep your Clony as stable as possible. If you fly too fast, you will not handle in time when an enemy or obstacle appears unexpectedly. If it is too slow, you will soon fall behind.


And yet, the game sometimes offers you some gems that you will think it’s worth. It grants you some special skills in a short amount of time. For example, a gemstone that when you eat it, you get extremely high speed. Many people like this skill, but I don’t. Feeling very out of control, sometimes too fast, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. But fortunately, except for that vicious speed-up gem, the items remaining along the way are more or less helping Clony overcome the journey easier.

What’s so bad about the game? On another level of BADLAND, there are pills to increase your size. Honestly, in real life or in the game, if you have a large size, you fly very slowly, not to mention how you can get through the tiny dangerous slots in the game. In the end, a plump, fat Clony got stuck desperately on the screen.


But if you are the type of impatient person, easily feel angry, sometimes you want to throw away your phone. It is true that every time Clony dies, he is reborn again at the spot where he dies. You have to play it over and over again, so your inhibitions keep growing exponentially.

But it is crazy addictive feeling, especially there are 3 modes

Because in addition to the easy game that I just mentioned, in BADLAND, you can play with 3 different modes: Single Player, Co-op and Versus.

  • Single Player: you play alone, against AI challenges.
  • Co-op: you play with friends and relatives, allowing up to 4 players to play at the same time.
  • Versus: you can play up to 4 people but compete with each other to see who can go further and live longer. When there is only one person left, the game will pass through a new scene and the four players will start a new race.

MOD APK version of BADLAND

MOD feature

Unlocked All: All levels are unlocked.

Download BADLAND MOD APK for Android

In short, this game is very good, funny entertainment, funny images (Clony is fat, his face is dumb, when he stucks in the mountain, he looks dumber). Super nice graphics, guys. Music without words, soft and light, but dangerous. Download BADLAND MOD APK now, I believe this game will not waste your time.

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