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NameAuto Theft Gangsters
PublisherDoodle Mobile
MOD FeaturesInfinite Currencies, Always critical, Skills no cool down
RequiresAndroid 4.0
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No more be heroes, today we will experience a game that allows us to become bad people. Auto Theft Gangsters is a new action game in 2018. When you first look at the game, you may be confused by this game with Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Game because there is a similarity between graphics and gameplay. I have to confirm that the Auto Theft Gangsters is a more compact game, along with many interesting features released by Doodle Mobile. If you are bored with the old Grand Theft Auto game, Auto Theft Gangsters will be a perfect choice for you.

Table of contents
  1. Plot
  2. Real gangsters
  3. Do what you want
  4. 3D graphics
  5. Why do I love Auto Theft Gangsters?
  6. Download Auto Theft Gangsters MOD APK for Android (Latest version)


Auto Theft Gangsters story

The scene of Auto Theft Gangsters in the city of Liberty, a place full of criminals, gangsters, street gangs. Every day, there are many wars of money and power taking place in this city. Besides, activities such as illegal trading, revenge, etc. are not rare. You are a young man who moved in. Nobody thinks you can change the fate of Liberty. Your chance has come. This city has no rules. The strongest is the one who takes power. You can do big and small missions such as looting, fighting gangs, even killing infamous bosses to boost your rank in the underworld. Make Liberty become your criminal city.

Real gangsters

Auto Theft Gangsters gameplay

The game is similar to Gangstar New Orleans. In Auto Theft Gangsters, you will be a real gangster. Initially, you can only do some small tasks to get money as well as having links with other gangs. Start with robbing a car, buying a weapon, killing some thief robbers in your way. Congratulations. You have had a perfect start to your criminal career. The game has hundreds of extremely difficult missions waiting for you in the front. Show them who is the number one Gangster of this city.

Liberty City is which city rich and beautiful, but full of dangers always lurking you. Because you are a gangster, your enemies can be anyone. Another gangster, a normal person, and police. Always ready to face all those who dare to block the way, that is how you survive in this game. However, it is recommended that you limit the incidents to the police. Your fight with the police will make you grow stars. As many stars, the more the police chase you. They also have helicopters, tanks to destroy you. If you have five stars then maybe the game will end soon.

Do what you want

Auto Theft Gangsters gameplay 2

Auto Theft Gangsters are full of weapons of your choice. As simple as rifles, shotguns or even a bazooka. Use the weapon that best suits your mission. Especially cannot fail to mention expensive cars in this game. I like to steal beautiful cars on the street, sometimes for no reason at all. You can even own a tank or a helicopter for yourself. Moreover, do not forget to equip the character with the cool clothes.

In addition to doing tasks, you can admire the magnificent Liberty City. Explore all roads of the game, especially city at night. You can do crazy things in this game. No one forbids you. Robbery, police teasing, high-speed racing on the street or … comply traffic laws. You can do anything.

3D graphics

Auto Theft Gangsters graphics

In the Gangsters game, graphics are always a strong point. Although not popular, Doodle Mobile did a great job with this game. Specifically, the 3D graphics of the game combined with realistic sound, vivid. Extremely realistic city map featuring casinos, shopping malls, commercial centres no different than the real world. You will not think this is just a mobile game.

Why do I love Auto Theft Gangsters?

Overall, I am quite impressed with this game. Auto Theft Gangsters is perfect, both gameplay and graphics. You can hardly find a defect. What are you waiting for? Download Auto Theft Gangsters MOD now and join in the activities of the underworld.

Download Auto Theft Gangsters MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

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