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NameAuto Defense
Package Namecom.gameloft.autodefense
PublisherGameloft SE
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Auto Defense MOD APK is a strategy game from the famous publisher Gameloft SE. In this game, you can defend by assembly many turrets together to form a new turret that is huge and has amazing firepower.

Introduce about Auto Defense

Merge turrets to make thrilling combos first seen in a high-speed tower defense game

What’s new in Auto Defense?

Tower defense gamers are almost the same in the principle of “holding something and shooting the enemy before they reach the end of our side’s area”. And of course, like rogue-like, if the enemy enters the city, the game is over.

But what makes gamers fall in love with this game genre is because each game has its characteristics. From the shape of the tower, the tools, machines, people, and weapons for defense, to the defense strategy… They all have their characteristics to explore and take advantage of. Speaking of specialties in the gameplay and strategy of this genre, no current one can beat Auto Defense, a tower defense game product from Gameloft SE.


Auto Defense brings you a new concept of ‘tower defense’. Let me tell you about it. You can have many abilities to protect your tower: merge turrets to create new types of turrets; arrange turrets in layers to protect the castle behind. You also can upgrade turrets and their weapons to have more powerful destructive power.

Having the same principle with other tower defense games, in Auto Defense, turrets always bring different combat effects and weapons: poison dropping, bombs, mini multi-barreled machine guns, long-range guns, machine guns, freezing opponents, spitting fire… Those are just some basic ones. You can always upgrade to get more advanced weapons for each turret. The interesting part is the magic Merge ability above. When you merge the turrets, things get even more thrilling.

The scenes in Auto Defense are also very diverse. You will go through a fresh green land, then into the wild desert, then a frozen land, or later fly straight to a distant planet. Although it doesn’t change the situation too much, with different perspectives, diverse castles and turrets in each replay (because each level is rogue-like), you will never see what you already saw and never be disappointed.

Interspersed with the rounds are several Lucky pinwheels that help you randomly get Heal, Level Up, Random Star, and golds after spinning.

The ability to merge the turrets is so cool

Not only duels or combat role-playing games have the concept of ‘combo’. In Auto Defense, you will see the combo definition in a tower defense game for the first time. When there are a few small turrets of average quality, you can merge them to create a new one that is bigger and more eye-catching, and importantly, its strength is many times stronger than the old ones. You know, there are many types of turrets in the game. So, combining turrets of the same type to create a new one can greatly increase the number of tower variations. These combos both widen your eyes and help the tower defense be more powerful.

In addition to the Turrets merging skill, you can also combine many weapons in the inventory, upgrade and unlock new weapons to destroy the enemy faster. Be patient, try to win as much as possible, and you will get many unique weapons without spending money.

Graphics and sound

Auto Defense has super attractive 3D graphics that have vivid colors and lots of energy. The vertical screen design is always the optimal choice for these tower defense screens, making it easy to observe and be proactive in all situations.

I really like the fast tempo of Auto Defense. I remember when playing Plants & Zombies, I was tired of watching everything going too slowly. So now, playing Auto Defense, it feels like discovering a new sky. Shoot fast and right on the target. The exciting sound effect is also very great, increasing the fighting atmosphere significantly. The background music is equally dramatic, causing adrenaline to spike. I believe you will miss Auto Defense a lot if playing some slower-speed tower defense games.

MOD APK version of Auto Defense

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy everything with your money, even you don’t have enough.

Download Auto Defense MOD APK for Android

This tower defense game is traditional with familiar gameplay and architecture and fresh with many different attacks from enemies and the top-of-the-top Tower merging mechanism. Who can say no to Auto Defense?

It is not easy to find a tower defense game with so many cool features like this, isn’t it? Download the game and play right here.

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