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Attack On Moe H APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD) v4.4.0

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NameAttack On Moe H
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, No Skill CD
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Attack On Moe H MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an action RPG, developed by Nutaku. Perhaps the name Nutaku is not so strange to us. This is a very popular anime-style game publisher in the world.

About Attack On Moe H

Normally, Nutaku produces games with strategic gameplay but they also produce games with simple, hands-free gameplay for you to kill time. But do not think that it is not interesting. Although the gameplay is simple but the features of the game are very great. You can try Pocket Waifu or Fap CEO to see the games with idle gameplay but are not bored at all. And the game I introduced to you today, Attack On Moe H is also an interesting game with such simple gameplay.


The Pixel Kingdom is peaceful and prosperous. But suddenly one day, your kingdom was attacked by super cute giant girls. You will play as the role of a pink-haired male knight to fight with elite girls. But the interesting thing is that these girls are not human but monster girls. With courage and a legendary sword in your hand, you can defeat those who want to sabotage the peace of the kingdom.


On the battlefield, you control the main character brandishing swords and fighting with enemies. Your task is very simple, constantly touching the screen and attacking the giant girl. If you can’t defeat them, I don’t know what will happen. With a huge body, just a single stomp can cause your kingdom to be destroyed.

Attack On Moe H Upgrade

As I said, Attack On Moe H owns clicker gameplay. Touch the screen to strike an attack on the giant girl. The number of attacks is equivalent to the number of times you click on the screen. The more you click, the more the damage to the enemy.

Recruit super hot warriors

Accompanying you to the frontline are the brave female warriors. But the interesting thing is they are not human but super hot monster girls. Some are warriors and some are wizards, etc. You do not just start with the girls given the system. To collect more girls, you must hunt and recruit more powerful warriors. In particular, the game has an interesting feature that you can use for girls when you recruit.

Upgrade system and events

Attack On Moe H allows players to upgrade the monster girls you own. The enemy is getting stronger and stronger, you must upgrade the girls to fight and protect the kingdom. After killing each monster, you receive a reward for upgrading. You can upgrade equipment, damage caused at every second, …

Attack On Moe H Skills

But it’s not just girls who need to be strengthened, you as a leader must also train to become stronger. You can learn powerful skills to support or attack with your girls.

Nutaku is famous for being a publisher that keeps interacting with gamers as they continually offer events with attractive rewards. You will not be bored and always have the purpose to play the game. New events usually last 7 – 14 days and soon there will be other events that will take place. Therefore, do not forget to check the event regularly, complete the task to receive countless valuable prizes.


In terms of graphics, Attack On Moe H is very carefully cared for by the developer. The characters are designed in a unique, sexy anime style. The game’s graphics are a combination of casual anime style and chibi, which is characteristic of all the titles released by Nutaku. Not only that, the interface of the game is designed to be easy for players to get used to. The sound is also very lively, easily inspiring players.

Attack On Moe H Graphics

MOD APK version of Attack On Moe H

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money: Get more coins for killing enemies
  • Easy Game: Bosses are easier to hit
  • No Skill CD

Attention when using

Your account may be banned. Consider if you want to use your main account.

Download Attack On Moe H APK & MOD for Android

Attack On Moe H is really an interesting game and worth the time you spend on it. The gameplay is simple but exceptionally good so you can kill time in your spare time. The game has some NSFW images, requiring you to be 17 years of age or older. Join the fight with the hot girls of the Earth, protect the Pixel Kingdom from giant girls.

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  • davontebonwell217 avatar
    Toxic Hail

    New version 4.2.1. please update? Thank you!

  • besvomrake avatar
    Bes Vo Mrake

    There’s new version, 4.2.0. Update please!

  • yahored avatar
    칸 s-

    4.1.8 update

  • 1230456qweasd avatar

    God…please update 4.1.6 version.. please this is my life game.. please!!

  • kimseilamony avatar
    F B I

    Update to 4.0 please

  • amane-sidon avatar
    amane sidon

    Mr. Daxua can you please make an mod for naughty Kingdom

  • isakwi123 avatar

    Update plz 3.8.4

  • gamejustin09 avatar
    Void Wanderers

    Needs update

  • danecalay147 avatar

    Can you please update the game

  • gamejustin09 avatar
    Void Wanderers

    Needs update to 8.3.4

  • ykhvfh avatar
    Yuuge Koori Hi

    Please update to 3.8.4 version

  • simonettifrank53 avatar
    Frank Simonetti

    Need updated 3.8.4

  • ashprasetya21 avatar
    Ash Prasetya

    Can you update to new version 8.38

    • ashprasetya21 avatar
      Ash Prasetya

      Can you update to new version 3.8.3

  • kenshiro99 avatar

    New version please 3.8.3

    • jojoseupangare avatar
      Tio Da Pamonha

      New version guys, update to 3.8.4

  • one avatar

    Update pls 3.8.3

  • skyrimfusrodah28214824 avatar
    SkyrimFusrodah 28214824

    And can you fix the moetan? I know you made everything unlocked and all skills, but every time when you open that love tap, it keep saying not enough cp. Can you fix that please?

  • skyrimfusrodah28214824 avatar
    SkyrimFusrodah 28214824

    Can you update the game please?

    • amane-sidon avatar
      amane sidon

      Update please.

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