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NameAsian Cooking Star
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

You have a special passion for food but don’t know where to learn more about many typical dishes around the world. Don’t worry because in Asian Cooking Star MOD APK you will have the opportunity to do this.

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Introduce about Asian Cooking Star

Create your Crazy Cooking diary with tons of recipes!

What is Asian Cooking Star?

Asian Cooking Star will be a “fertile land” for anyone who is looking to delve deeply into Asian Cuisine. Not only will you experience fast-paced cooking in a restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine, but you’ll also learn a variety of unique dishes that are typical of each country in the region.

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You will be a young chef working at different restaurants across Asia, gradually cultivating knowledge and skills with unique culinary styles. Your goal is to become a true Star Chef, a culinary master specializing in Asian Cuisine.

What you will do in Asian Cooking Star?

You can prepare ingredients, take orders from guests, cook, and serve a variety of dishes from Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, Korean, Russian…

You may be a little awkward from scratch but then when you get used to it, you will realize that Asian Cooking Star favors players quite a lot. The recipes and Asian dishes here are all simplified to make cooking faster, easier, and more accurate. As a result, you can serve most of the needs of diners.

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This game has hundreds of levels, easy to play but difficult to master. The higher you go, the denser the frequency of requests from customers at the restaurant become. There are also mixed and difficult orders from fastidious customers. To please them, you will have to spend more time in both preparation and cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the time carefully so that subsequent orders are not delayed, causing dissatisfaction with other customers.

Being a chef is not just about cooking

At this point, you will realize “Being a chef is hard”. It’s not just having unique ingredients, good cooking, a lot of experience, and good workmanship. You also need to have good Time Management skills.

Working is not everything. On the way to your dream, you need to constantly learn and gain experience. The most effective method is to keep a record of the challenges you have experienced. You will create a Food Diary. This is a book of all the poisonous ingredients and tons of recipes. It is both the secret to your many years of experience, as well as a notebook that recalls the vast knowledge accumulated along the way.

Rich recipes

The significant difference between a master chef and a mediocre chef is his versatility and versatility in all his culinary specialties. The more experience you have, the newer dishes you can make according to different culinary styles from many countries: China, Japan, India, Thailand, Korea… Moreover, you will “handle” varied kind of meals from light breakfasts, quick lunches, and hearty dinners to both fast food and delicious appetizers, desserts. The different cooking techniques must also be mastered such as baking, frying, boiling, making sushi, grilling, mixing drinks, making cakes… Only then will you be confident enough to run your own Asian cuisine restaurant.

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The dishes you’ve known and heard from every Asian country will be found again in Asian Cooking Star such as dimsum (Chinese), Sushi (Japanese), Naan Roti (Indian), Pad Thai (Thai)…

Graphics and sound

On the game’s vibrant soundtrack, everything happens faster than you’d think. There are also a series of attractive sound effects when customers order, when the dish is finished and served to customers, when customers pay…

This game also has vivid colors of dishes when presented to diners and ingredients prepared for each food. Although only playing on mobile, I guarantee that you can’t help yourself but starving because of them.

MOD APK version of Asian Cooking Star

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


When you finish the tutorial, please close the game and open it again to get a lot of Gems and Coins.

Download Asian Cooking Star APK & MOD for Android

This is a cooking simulation game that is extremely fast. The intense work of the chef in the game will make you feel like you are in a workaholic madness. If you really feel this, you must have entered the spin of the game and gradually become a real chef. Let’s cook together with Asian Cooking Star now!

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