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Package Namecom.YoStarEN.Arknights
PublisherYostar Limited.
MOD FeaturesNo SP Cost
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Arknights MOD APK is a great combination of tactical and role-playing. If you’re looking for a light game, but still have a unique appeal, you’ve found it!

Introduce about Arknights

Yostar is not a long time mobile game developer. They have only three games sell on Google Play. All of them are anime-style and also enjoyed by many players. In below of this article, I cannot introduce all three games in detail. So, I’ll start with Arknights. Perhaps, you will expect it to bring a thrilling story, with the appeal of the gameplay that combines two types of role-playing and strategy.


Arknights sets the scene in Terra’s world. There exist long-lived species, they belong to many different races, shaped part of animals and myths. Life here is inherently peaceful until a pandemic appears. These people have a mortality rate of up to 100%. The government has been trying to research to find a drug to quell the epidemic, but they seem to show the hopelessness when they left residents to flee isolation.

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Because of this, the hearts of those who are ill have aroused hatred. They struggle by trying to infect others.

Players participate in this game as the last ray of hope in the dark picture. You are taking control of a health and self-defense organization, which called Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals. Your ultimate goal is to find a vaccine to end the terrible dream that is happening.


Arknights carries the core gameplay of the tower defense genre. While the enemies are trying to move towards Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals, you need to stop them so that this last ray of hope is not devastated. During the battle to repel the epidemic, Amiya – the official leader of Rhodes will accompany you. She is knowledgeable about the terrain and how the base works. So, she will show you how to defend the base from the disease.

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Returning to the gameplay, each challenge has many attacking waves from the enemy. Each wave has a different number of enemies, which the system will show you so you have an appropriate defense strategy.

On the map are the squares (field), where you can place your characters (they are called Operators). Each character has a special ability, how to fight and the sphere of influence. When experiencing the first levels, the system will provide instructions so you can take advantage of the advantages that they bring.

For example, Texas can use multiple weapons at the same time to damage enemies in close range. She also has individual skills. When the energy bar is full, a yellow symbol appears at the top. Click on it and select Skill to release her skill. Of course, it is very powerful and works in a large area around.

So do the other characters. They have the same mechanism. But please download this game and learn for yourself, because a game as tactical as Arknights, it’s hard for me to talk about all what it has.


There are many characters in this game. But, you should pay more attention to the key members of Rhodes. They are AMIYA, NEARL, DOBERMANN, KAL’TSIT and Projekt Red. Each character has their own abilities, depending on the classes.

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By the way, this game has 8 types, including Vanguard, Guard, Defender, Specialist, Medic, Caster, Sniper and Supporter. Some are capable of close combat. Others have the ability to attack from longer distances like supporters, medic and sniper, so you should place them above high places to max your damage.


Arknights has an incredible graphic background. This probably does not need me to mention, when you can immediately recognize the introducing the storyline when starting the game. The astonishing here include three elements: visual, sound and color.

The characters and the context are designed quite detailed and impressive. They have an anime style, but are mixed with mysterious tones, and are a bit scary according to the plot I mentioned earlier. After all, the sound makes the battles more intense and dramatic.

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The ending has come, but where is the role-playing element of this game? That is the upgrade feature. You can make your characters stronger with new outfits or upgrade their skills.

Arknights with features from both immersive and tactical genres, it became popular in China, where it was first released. Not long after that, when the global release was announced by Yostar, it also received a warm welcome from the players.

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