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Archer Hero 3D APK + MOD (No Ads) v1.9.4

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NameArcher Hero 3D
Package Namecom.Deven.Arrow3D
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Download and install the MOD APK version of Archer Hero 3D on your Android device, your boring times will be filled with fun! Let join the fight now!

Introduce about Archer Hero 3D

VOODOO is a popular publisher, with simple, creative and entertaining games. Recently, APKMODY has introduced to you some outstanding products of this publisher such as Tower Run, Crowd City, Curvy Punch 3D and Bullet Rush. And now, are you ready to experience Archer Hero 3D, their newest game?

Archer Hero 3D is a simple archery game. It has gameplay quite similar to Archero, but approaches a new perspective. Please follow the article below, we will learn more about the game!


Join Archer Hero 3D, you will have to confront thugs. They are violence and putting many people in misery. Your mission is to defeat them to regain everyone’s peace.

And to accomplish that task, the system gives you a unique weapon, which is bows and arrows. You will use this bow and arrow to shoot and destroy thugs, taking back the areas they occupy. When destroying all the thugs, the character will move towards the destination gate and move on to the next base.

The control mechanism in Archer Hero 3D is also very simple. You mostly only need to use one finger to play. The character automatically moves and points the arrow at the enemy. You touch the screen, where you want to shoot and the character will automatically perform the action.

Unlock new maps

There are many maps in Archer Hero 3D. Each place has its own characteristics of the terrain, and you can take advantage of the characteristics of the terrain to gain an advantage during the battle.

If the map is near the sea, you can shoot at the enemy’s body. He will fall into the water and die. Some other maps have gas tanks, if you shoot in them, the gas tank will explode and cause nearby enemies to be destroyed.

As you overcome more challenges, your enemies will gradually become more numerous. Sometimes, you will be faced with 4 or 5 thugs at the same time. And if the aiming technique is not fast and accurate enough, you will be defeated. That means you have to replay the challenge from the start. Nobody wants that to happen, and so you need to take advantage of the elements on the map to your advantage.


The enemies not only increase in number, but their strength also improves. In the beginning, it was only thugs with just one stick in hand. But over time, there will be the Ninja, with sharp blades and a protective shield. You will have to break the shield, before damaging him.

Enemies have more defensive shields, they will cause you to shoot more arrows, and he can also reach you closer. Then, you need to aim more accurately, to attack the head of the enemy and end his life with just one arrow.

Archer Hero 3D will gradually increase the challenge level and speed of each level. If your controls are not good, you will have to replay many times during difficult levels. So, please practice more!


Overall, the graphics in the VOODOO games released are in a simple style. The game uses models to represent people, without many details, without faces and expressions. But in return, they work very smoothly, and with realistic physical impact every time you attack them.

Archer Hero 3D is developed in such a direction. But that doesn’t mean that the game lacks appeal. It is very entertaining, you will soon love the graphics style of Archer Hero 3D!

MOD APK version of Archer Hero 3D

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Download Archer Hero 3D MOD APK for Android

Archer Hero 3D is the right game for you to entertain when you are free. Here, you can practice your aiming and reflexes, when facing a series of aggressive enemies with just a bow and arrow. Download the game and install it on your Android device. The journey against gangsters to regain peace for everyone is still very long.

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