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Maybe we are too familiar with the games that fight against the evil, against the forces of darkness to protect the peace. However, have you ever thought that you would become a villain? will introduce to you the game Antihero – Digital Board Game.

Unequal, nothing to be proud of, in this game we will be transformed into a notorious thief, raging all the big cities, and the rich people. The publisher Versus Evil has deftly provided the player with a unique game that supports both iOS and Android. And now, join the criminal world, trying to become a real thief guy.



Coming to Antihero – Digital Board Game, you will be taken to a famous city. This is a bustling neighborhood, where rich people live, the banks containing tons of gold, the largest casino in the world. Especially at night, the city began its activities. Just like the city portrayed in Brutal Street 2, this is definitely the ideal place for notorious thieves to try their luck. Invasion, robbery or even murder. What do these thieves do not dare to do?

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Antihero – Digital Board Game is a tactical game combined with management. Transformed into a notorious thief, you begin to create your underworld. Your job is to break into businesses, sneak into casinos, blend into banks, real estate companies, set traps and get clean of what’s possible. Of course, if they have not been taken away by your opponent. At the end of the match, the gang that robs more money than another will become the winner. Do you want to be the loser in this nefarious war? The game has an online mode. You are paired up to create your own underworld in the city. A forest can not have two tigers. Steal more, gain more disciples to master the city. Collect lanterns to illuminate areas that have not been unlocked. That will help you know what the enemy is doing. However, be careful because the enemy is probably in the dark to ambush your members. Try to get rich as possible. Hiring more thugs, creating horror every single meter on the street. This is what makes a unique game, funny to unexpected.

Antihero 2

Also, Antihero – Digital Board Game also has many attractive game modes besides PvP. Try to build the largest gang in the world.

Diversity in the character system

Antihero – Digital Board Game’s character system is very diverse. There are dozens of characters from the thief, assassin, boxer, thugs … Each character has a different power and role. So choose the right character to hack the enemy brain. Besides, the architecture of the neighborhood is equally diverse with facilities familiar to everyone. From banks, churches, casinos, restaurants to businesses. The change in the architecture requires you to be flexible in tactics to exploit the best.

What about graphics?

Antihero 3

I highly appreciate the graphics of the game. By made in the beautiful 2.5D style, simulating the neighborhood looks very fun, humorous. However, it also depicts the theft as very reasonable and equally funny. As I see Antihero – Digital Board Game is a very entertaining game.


If you are fed up with being a hero, let’s try to become a villain in this fun game. Game Antihero supports both iOS and Android platforms, giving you an unmatched experience.

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