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NameAnother Tomorrow
Package Namecom.glitchgames.anotherTomorrow.premium
PublisherGlitch Games
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PriceFREE $6.99
RequiresAndroid 4.0.3

Another Tomorrow APK is an engaging 3D puzzle game with a super unique perspective. Behind those gloomy scenes is a big story of love and loss. Are you ready for this exciting puzzle game?

Introduce about Another Tomorrow

Strange 3D puzzle game with a plot imbued with love and loss


Another Tomorrow is presented as a story of love and loss. In the game, you wake up in a completely unfamiliar environment. No furniture, no memories, no sense of why you are here. All you have is a camera only. You’ll have to step by step go through abandoned apartments, airports, temples, and underground tunnels.

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Everything is so strange. But the smell of blood, alcohol, and disinfectant everywhere is familiar. You seem to have drowned in such a smell in some terrible event before. Your eyes are hurt, and your legs are hurt too. Every heavy footstep is torture. It looks like you haven’t moved in a while. But you don’t stop until you know everything.

You wander around to solve puzzles, open secret doors, turn around strange machines found on the road. You do whatever prevents you from moving forward….

…Only to find out the answer for “Who am I?”.

The game is a journey to solve a great secret. It is where you can take pictures, go through many complex systems, and find a way to decipher them logically. Hundreds of questions run in the mind. Only you are the one to find the truth for your presence and story.


Another Tomorrow is a typical puzzle adventure game. You will witness fascinating spaces corresponding to different periods in a first-person perspective. And of course, an interesting series of puzzles will appear with increasingly difficult levels.

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The game has many types of puzzles: find objects, find keys, decode codes, find characters, play checkers, assemble the details of a machine’s part, find your way in a number matrix… For each puzzle, you will need to approach the solution differently. And the results of difficult puzzles are always a surprise. You must use all your brain to solve them, then wait to know what awaits ahead according to the plot. This psychological logic indeed makes players unable to take their eyes off the game.

Personal review

For me, this puzzle game is not too difficult, nor too easy. If you have been familiar with many games of this type (games of puzzles, matching characters, rotating mechanical parts based on logic), then Another Tomorrow is not difficult. But if you are new to this genre, it will be a bit confusing. The good thing is that the game rhythm is light, quite catchy, and the first few puzzles are quite easy, so I believe anyone will be able to participate in it. The most important part of a puzzle game is Observation and Patience. Just having these two qualities is half the success. So, take it easy.

The only thing I don’t like about Another Tomorrow is the view angle. Hmmm, I agree that it’s strange, which creates a highlight for the whole game, making it different from other puzzle games. It is not the player’s view that is intuitive and easy as I imagined when I first started. Another Tomorrow looks a bit more like a board game. This has sometimes made it difficult to observe and get the experience visually. Fortunately, it does not affect the puzzle process, even the most challenging puzzles in the game.

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Each scene is meticulously cared for, the 3D graphics are impeccable. All made up for my initial slightly uncomfortable feeling. In short, the game is good, I believe everyone is very satisfied.

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It is a beautiful 3D puzzle game with a touching story, strange setting, and perspective. Some people like it, some people don’t, but at least it’s special in its own way. The puzzles are so quality that once you start playing, it’s very difficult to stop. If you are a fan of puzzle games, remember to play Another Tomorrow! 

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