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NameAnime: The Multiverse War
Package Namecom.roomstudios.animethemultiversewar
PublisherRoom Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.1

Anime: The Multiverse War MOD APK is one of those anime games that I highly recommend you play immediately in your free time. Here you will meet a lot of anime heroes. They seem unrelated to each other, but now gather and fight jubilantly like on fire. Irrational but dramatic, have you tried it?

Introduce about Anime: The Multiverse War

Hand-to-hand combat in the multiverse anime world

The name tells everything

Japanese anime is a forest of separate worlds. Each world has its own set of characters that have made a difference and brand of each story or a whole series of games. Have you ever thought that all of them will one day meet in the “multiverse”? Not only meeting, but they also fight in the hottest battles on earth. Everyone aspires to be at the top of the multiverse’s reputation rankings. If you are like me, love this extraordinary combination, let’s go to the game.

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Anime: The Multiverse War is a real-time 2D fighting game. Playing the game, you will have the opportunity to control up to 30 heroes and villains having many different specialties such as Hunters, Ninjas, Shinigamis, Mages from popular anime.

No need to mention the attractive gameplay. Bringing all those characters (who should never have met each other in any way ) into the same universe, the game offers a super strange experience. The feeling of happiness is like meeting friends after a long time and then immediately facing an unusual opponent who is both strong and familiar. It’s so exciting, guys.

Graphics and sound

The world opens up with many beautiful scenes (from the green forest to the street, the river and stream, and the scenery in the clouds). Although it is only 2D, everything is clear, vivid and creates great excitement in players.

For this type of hand-to-hand fighting game, if the movement is not skillful, the game will be useless. The visuals part in Anime: The Multiverse War is one of the big reasons why the game is worth playing. Many shaping techniques have been integrated so the movements are significantly improved. Make sure the character attacks quickly, moves smoothly and beautifully. The moves in this game closely follow the original characters’ actions. They are beautiful and bright with explosive color lighting effects. Just by looking at the movements, you can guess who the hero is.

The sound that comes with it is definitely what creates the intense excitement of the arenas. The most fascinating is still the sound system that seems to explode when the characters use their skills.


Yeah. It is a classic action game with hand-to-hand combat with heroes and villains from the most popular anime series.

So, the way to control characters in this game is also quite familiar, like these hand-to-hand combat games. Below the screen, on the left is a set of simulator buttons that control the direction of movement, on the right are 4 skill buttons X Y A B.

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Specifically, press Left and Right to move; double-tap on the Left/Right button to dash; dodge attacks by moving behind the enemy when touching the up button; or touch the “guard” button to limit damage; pressing the B button continuously will help the character to make a combo. The Y button is to attack. Middle button to charge the energy.

There are also quite attractive control button combinations such as: Hold the X button to protect. Press A to jump and touch the space between the buttons to jump twice in a row. Press the middle + Y button for high damage. It sounds complicated. Overall, it’s pretty detailed. It can take a while to get used to it, but when your hand is pressed quickly, you can get an advantage in the battle.

The rule of the game is that whoever runs out of blood first loses. The secret of hand-to-hand combat games in general and Anime: The Multiverse War, in particular, is a rhythmic combination between “moving smartly” and “using reasonable combos”. Do these two things well, the chances of winning are great.

In this game, coming from many different universes, each character brings their own full set of powers and skills, along with downsides, of course. If you have ever watched or played through the series/ game series of each world, it is not difficult to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each character. For new players, I think it is advisable to spend the first part of each battle to grasp the situation and then make a move and attack.

Anime The Multiverse War for Android

The multiverse world in Anime: The Multiverse War is a seemingly endless journey that will never end. Each passing opponent is a whole new experience full of drama. When you win the battle, you will take one step closer to power and unlock new heroes for your powerful army.

MOD APK version of Anime: The Multiverse War

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Anime: The Multiverse War APK & MOD for Android

Well. Only by playing it can you feel the excitement this hand-to-hand combat game brings. Meet the role models of your dreams and fight with them for power in the multiverse!

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    Hi, can you please mod alchemia story if it’s possible?
    Unlimited gems, zell, alchemy points?
    Thank you very much 😔😩✊

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