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NameAnime School Girl Life
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How did you spend high school? Is it memorable to you literally or figuratively? Have you ever encountered a bully? Or did you bully someone else? Those memorable experiences will be included in Anime School Girl Life MOD APK.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Anime School Girl Life
    1. Are you really a good girl?
    2. What will you do?
    3. The 3D anime simulation game is extremely impressive in terms of visuals
  2. MOD APK version of Anime School Girl Life
    1. MOD feature
    2. Note
  3. Download Anime School Girl Life MOD APK for Android

Introduce about Anime School Girl Life

See how you are rebellious under the guise of a good high school girl

Are you really a good girl?

In the game, you are a beautiful girl from Yandere high school. During your school life here, you constantly encounter many different challenges. They can be simple things like running to the school gate to meet a friend. However, they can also be big challenges that seem small but turn out to be an obsession of many people: getting the minimum score on a difficult exam with the homeroom teacher’s scrutiny.

I wonder if you have any impression when you see this school’s strange name? Anime addicts can know it right away. This school is not normal at all because there is a word that can give anyone goosebumps, “yandere”. This Japanese word is a combination of Yanderu (crazy) and Deredere (love), which refers to hysterical love. Girls here (especially you) all have a lovely, cute, spotless appearance.

Anime School Girl Life MOD by APKMODY

Although they all look fragile, their mentalities have certain abnormalities which are especially shown in possessiveness in everything, from school results, jealousy, envy, friendship to love. Things are not as simple as they seem. Any small incident can ignite a fire in their heart and burn all the normal human logic. You and the girls around you will have more and more uncontrollable situations showing your dark grim nature.

But talking too much may make you panic. The girls are just teenagers after all. So, have fun studying and making friends! The challenges for you will initially be to get a high rank in your studies and enjoy the life of a pure, sincere schoolgirl first. Then deal with what comes next.

What will you do?

You can also increase your influence and reputation by participating in all the healthy sports belonging to the different clubs in the school, such as tennis, swimming, volleyball… 

And you still have a normal life like many other students. You wake up at home in the morning, do personal hygiene, brush your teeth for two minutes as the doctor told you to, go to the kitchen to cook a light breakfast, go to school by bus, run for a few minutes to get to class on time. In class, you study hard, speak, and become an obedient model student in the school.

Outside of class, you also have a lot of comfortable spaces such as a date with friends or a handsome guy at a café where you can flirt, be shy, eat pizza, fried eggs, sandwiches, salads, and many other dishes.

Anime School Girl Life screenshot

Wait, all I just said is just the tip of the iceberg. If the high school girl’s life was just that, what fun would it be?

Well, it reminds me of high school. If I went to school now, I would not be a good student anymore, but rebel once. Interestingly, this game can help me. If you don’t dare to do these crazy things in real life, play this game.

You can do many things. For example, you can cheat on a test. Scores are important to adults, right? So, get high marks no matter what. Or you want to bully a schoolmate. Sounds wrong but yes, you can do it. In life, isn’t that the strong will win? You also can join a manly sport like cricket, racing, football and always get a high position in the match. Yeah, whoever forbids girls from playing such sports, let me prove it can happen. You can fall in love and date with your boyfriend. Parents often say you shouldn’t do that, but the fact is the more parents say and forbid, the more people want to try it once. Everything in this life, you need to know it to be wise.

And there are lots and lots of other crazy tricks that our used-to-be-docile schoolgirl will slowly do throughout her high school life.

Now, do you understand the meaning of the word “yandere”?

The 3D anime simulation game is extremely impressive in terms of visuals

My first impression of Anime School Girl Life was “The 3D image is so beautiful”. The characters are so sexy and truly anime-like, the surrounding landscape is full of Japanese colors. That will be what takes you into the world of Yandere High School.

Anime School Girl Life for Android

The gameplay is also quite simple. The tasks are displayed right in the center of the screen. You will use the buttons (simulating the character’s actions) to control her to complete the tasks. Complete this task, then continue with the next ones, and so on, the series of happy, exciting student life will continue continuously.

MOD APK version of Anime School Girl Life

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You click in the money icon on the right top of the screen to buy more money for free.

Download Anime School Girl Life MOD APK for Android

The 3D anime game has beautiful images, new yandere ideas which are a realistic portrayal of the dark and bright side of the high school period, where any student can be a victim of all sorts of weird tricks from their classmates.

Are you ready to play this interesting game? Download Anime School Girl Life here.

Anime School Girl Life v1.4 APKMODMoney
Anime School Girl Life v1.4 APK

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