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NameAnime High School Girl Life 3D
Package Namecom.Anime.High.School.Girl.Game
PublisherHigh School Game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

What was your student life like? Is it quietly peaceful or long-term turbulence to the point of inviting parents constantly? Play Anime High School Girl Life 3D MOD APK to relive that memory-filled period!

Introduce about Anime High School Girl Life 3D

Turning into an “exemplary female student” who messes up the high school

Student age is the most rebellious period in a person’s life, isn’t it?

Anime High School Girl Life 3D reminds me of my memorable student life. Now when I go to work, I see that the adults are right. They said the time at school is the freest and relaxing time, so the students often do crazy things. Partly because at that time everyone was going through puberty, then partly because they only went to school, lived with their parents or some other source of support, they had no idea about the outside life. All relationships, activities, emotions, memories seem to revolve around school and family.

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So, students are also prone to rebellion and easily get into emotions that they should not have (according to the standards of adults).

Now that that time has passed, do you want to look back? Or if you are of school age, do you want to find a character like yourself to see yourself? Any reason is worth it once to experience Anime High School Girl Life 3D.


By playing the game, you will experience the life of a high school girl. With an anime-style graphic 3D simulation system, I highly appreciate this game in its honest description of the activities of a naughty schoolgirl. Thereby all levels of emotions and experiences of joy, sadness, excitement, happiness, and suffering of the school-age are depicted quite subtly.

As a sassy schoolgirl, you will wake up early in the morning, do personal hygiene quickly, prepare your notebooks, cook a little for the whole family and then drive to school. School is your second world, where you have a lot of intertwined (and sometimes quite complicated) relationships with close friends, teachers, a friend of the opposite sex you always love. And also, you have so many dynamic activities during the day.


Following the girl, you will do a lot of things from small to large, from simple to complex (which we still call tasks like in role-playing games). Go find a friend in the group, invite the whole group to lunch, listen to the lecture, take the test in class, cheat, throw charms… Just these details are enough for you to stay with the game for hours. The designer must have a “turbulent childhood”, so now all his games are gathered here. But you know what, cheating in the tests is just a “warm-up”.

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In addition to studying, you also must participate in a lot of extracurricular activities at school: basketball competition, running competition, karate competition… The rewards are also quite good. After studying and extracurricular activities, go on a date with your friends, have a romantic date with your boyfriend, meet old friends, make new friends. Those are still not enough to drag our girl into the school vortex. So, the game brings more difficult situations that you have to meet privately with the homeroom teacher to solve.

You’ll also have dance parties where the winner will quickly become the focus of the whole school. Then you can join the welcome of new students to the school, together with your close friends playing pranks on the children by pouring buckets of water on their heads. And yet, you even poke fun at the older students with some tricks. Perhaps being a student is not tiring enough, our character has a lot of energy to perform a series of these unique entertainments.

Just do what could not be done in the past, guys!

Almost throughout the game, you do not receive any instructions. Tasks appear only as a brief introduction. You have to “struggle” to figure out how to complete that task. You are free to move around the school, meet friends, and do whatever you like at this beautiful high school. The life of a high school girl is in your hands. Feel free to enjoy and experiment.

Anime High School Girl Life 3D for Android

Also, our character is a real Yandere. It means she looks very soft and fragile in appearance, but in fact, there is a slight deviation in her mind. This girl tends to be possessive in a relationship, whether it’s a close friend relationship or a love. And because of such a high ownership interest, she is ready to do many unimaginable dark things to suppress and treat her rival. Having glances, pranks, or humiliating rivals at the school prom… she plays whatever bad game comes to mind. It’s okay to be a bad girl here. There are no criteria to judge your morals or qualities in this game.

After all, student life is to live to the fullest, right?

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Unlimited Money

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It is an anime-style 3D simulation game that is extremely entertaining. You can play and relive all your school memories. It’s worth spending half a day on the entertainment, guys!

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