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AnimA ARPG APK + MOD (Free Shopping/Upgrade) v3.0.3

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NameAnimA ARPG
Package Namecom.ExiliumGames.Anima
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping/Upgrade
RequiresAndroid 4.4

AnimA ARPG MOD APK is a game that combines role-playing and action ARPG from publisher Redeev. You, in the game, are a hero on a journey to find and destroy demons. And challenges of the same level go on almost endless.

Introduce about AnimA ARPG

Portrait of a true knight in a maze full of demons

Enter dungeon, fight demons everywhere

Unlike most common action role-playing games, in AnimA ARPG, the complexity of the levels and small challenges are assessed at the “unbelievable level”. To find and defeat the devil, the hero will have to go through many stressful mazes. Every step, every left turn, a right turn, you face many traps, monsters, and powerful bosses. Only when you defeat the boss will you get the hint or the key to opening the next maze door.

AnimA ARPG for Android

Not to mention the dense and ferocious number of enemies, just finding a way out of the maze in a nervous mood, and the dark darkness surrounding the character that makes you feel nervous and suffocating.

Our warrior is very strong with weapons and skills

Starting AnimA, you choose the character class. The system will give you three classic options: the Warrior (Skifyish), who is very good at physic attack; a mage (Sorcery) can use magic and tame demonic magic; an achery (Archery), each arrow always hits the target. The most important here, you don’t have to worry that the hero you choose will lack the strength or skills to fight demons because you will collect more weapons and learn the other two classes’ skills to upgrade yourself.

Facing demons, you can completely combine skills in different classes to bring the power of 3-in-1 powerful in the attack phase.

AnimA ARPG MOD APK download

But that’s just what’s available for each hero. Along the way, you are tired of finding a way and fighting constantly, but you will be able to hunt a lot of different items in exchange. Each of them brings its own benefits. Sometimes it increases strength. Sometimes it increases battle points, sometimes it is a powerful weapon. In total, there are more than 200 such cool items throughout the game. Besides, there are 8 gemstones with different properties that, if collected enough, will greatly increase the power of your Class.

Also, each round has demons and bosses. You may be mad because they always attack you, but every time the boss falls the head, the loot appears, as a reward for the winner. The stronger the boss, the higher the value of the item obtained. You will collect these loot for your treasure, it will come in handy when entering the final death battle.

And you also have companions

Often with this action role-playing genre, the companion is a person, a warrior, or a god. In AnimA ARPG, when you have the opportunity to receive a special item called a “seal” at the statues located in the center of each maze, you will have a companion, a pet. They are not only pure pets, but in nature, they are seal magic, with secret techniques from ancient times, helping you increase strength and support fighting enemies.

I commend AnimA ARPG for its perfect graphics and sound

The fun for AnimA players comes in large part from the graphics. The game chooses a dark tone as the main color, representing a world that is raging by evil. Simultaneously, it is creating a sense of mystery, both attractive and nervous, draws players into the character’s psychology, a no way out. But, the 3D effect is so good that every light and dark, the walkway patterns, steps … all clearly appear sharp and full of menace.

The main character and the villain have a neat, proper role, expression in rare close-ups is also very expensive. As for the weapons, spells or spoils along the way, they are very attractive, especially to someone who loves strange things like me. Each weapon is described in great detail and up close is a work of art. Especially in the Sorcerer Class, the magic blow that is released is very soft and eye-catching.


Another attractive factor is the background music and sound throughout the game. Especially the songs that you slash the blade and draw weapons are fascinating. Each time you face a boss or a villain, the music plays out and crunches so I want to rush into the fight.

MOD APK version of AnimA ARPG

MOD features

  • Free Shopping
  • Free Upgrade

You can buy and upgrade even if you don’t have enough gold.

Download AnimA ARPG MOD APK for Android

And just like that, all day I was sitting on the sofa playing AnimA. How about you, do you want to download AnimA ARPG to play?

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  • noormajideducation avatar
    The Dutch Adventure

    Hi, the mod is great. Can you please add another feature to the mod? So the game needs me to buy using $ to have extra inventory bags and extra character slots. I don’t want to pay for anything because i am poor and living on ramen. The limited character slots and limited inventory bags really kill the mood. Thank you.

    • ramosmarco0995 avatar
      Marco Ramos

      I agree with you, it really is hard to have small inventory

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