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Angry Gran Run APK + MOD (Characters Unlocked) v2.21.0

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NameAngry Gran Run
Package Namecom.aceviral.angrygranrun
PublisherAce Viral
MOD FeaturesCharacters Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Angry Gran Run MOD APK is an endless run game like Subway Surfers. You’re an old lady with extraordinary health running from something. And what is next? Read on!

Angry Gran Run: The old lady plowed the streets to run away from the enemy

The plot is ridiculous but unexpectedly cute

Many people often call Angry Gran Run a game of Angry Granny. I like to call it Old Lady. The short plot revolves around a cute old woman named Granny (aka Gran) who is locked in a mental hospital (the outer shell of a refugee place that contains many crimes inside) of a villain named Fred. Gran had wanted to escape from this confinement for a long time and now the opportunity had come. But this brave old lady still needs a talented guide like a friend to overcome the countless dangers ahead.

Angry Gran Run for Android 1440x810

No need to play, no need to make a judgment about what this game is similar to, … Just looking at the caricature images of Angry Gran Run can put you in a hilarious satire world. Just by that, it is enough for your imagination to fly away and all the troubles of the day to disappear.

Back to Grandma Gran, on the way, in addition to being not familiar with the road, you also have to overcome countless obstacles and dangers from evil people. It’s almost impossible to imagine how confusing the various things lurking in the game are. Sometimes it’s simply crowded streets with all sorts of people jostling each other, or a deep sinkhole in the middle of the road, or it can also be a monstrous thing like an alien, a dinosaur running around on the street, or a hidden evil Ninja. Do you understand what the word “troubled” means now?

That’s all you have to do in the game. Sounds simple, right? But the attraction from there will come slowly. Because the kidnappers are hiding more and more agilely, the streets are full of objects “falling from the sky” and the old woman can only run, the support is almost weak for old age. You can be both inhibited and excited for the first part, but once you get used to it, adrenaline rushes to your brain, you will not be able to stop the feeling of excitement in you, for sure.

With such complex situations, is it difficult to play?

All the developments I just mentioned above surprisingly just need to be overcome by gentle movements on the phone.

You just need to use the touch on the screen to overcome obstacles, hide in the corner of the wall, or pick up gold coins that fall on the road to buy new clothes, delicious food, good equipment to keep running. This game does not have the fighting and killing scene like you often see. Grandpa Gran is also old, we need to keep the peace if we can, the most important thing is to run and escape from the kidnappers who are everywhere. So, even if whatever the enemy or obstacle is, you don’t need (and can’t) fight them, just find a way to overcome and run as fast as possible, okay? Well, if they’re too close, you can kick them once in a while, collect the bounty and then run again.

Angry Gran Run MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

More specific instructions on how to play the game? Like this, if you want to run left, right, just tilt the phone to that side, swipe up and down to jump, and slide down. If you want to turn left and right, swipe to the corresponding direction. That’s all.

Graphics and sound

Angry Gran Run doesn’t just stop at the 2D level like the endless run games you’ve ever known. Although the characters are flat, their movements and their surroundings open up a dynamic 3-dimensional world. And don’t think the plot is ridiculous, creation is ugly images then underestimate the construction details here. Play it and it will change your mind. You will see that everything is done meticulously. Excellent graphics are to show the miracle inside a game.

The sound in the game is also something that makes you fall in love. It is rhythmic, vibrant but not too sensational, which is enough for you to float in the footsteps of Grandma Gran. Not to mention the noises of a collision along the road also sometimes make you startled, not kidding!

MOD APK version of Angry Gran Run

MOD feature

  • Characters Unlocked

Download Angry Gran Run MOD APK for Android

It’s a really good game. You can play all day without being bored. The plot is jovial, the shapes of Gran and her enemies are strangely lovely. The space is colorful, open, and full of things to look around. 

What are you waiting for? Let download Angry Gran Run to play now!

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