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NameAngry Dad
Package Namecom.DoubleTapGames.AngryAngryDad
PublisherDouble Tap Games
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Angry Dad APK is an arcade game from the manufacturer DoubleTap Games. You transform into the most capable but also most angry Dad in the world.

Introduce about Angry Dad

Don’t be foolish to make Dad mad

The story can happen to anyone, but have you seen it once in the game?

The story is about a modern father who is also you. In middle age, while the friends around have the tall and wide houses and great work, you have almost (because of a certain event) lost everything. You have no job, no position, are bald, and getting older. Even your favorite home football team has not been able to win for 10 years. Every time watching TV, they make you frustrated. Your only joy every day is watching football with strong faith for your idol team and enjoying cold beer bottles.

Angry Dad for Android

Amid such a serious decline in morale, the family has a new member. You are eager for your little daughter, and also love your mischievous teenage boy who is messing around and your gentle wife. However, that love is greatly tested by tons of housework, nameless chores, the screaming cries of an infant daughter, and neighbors’ grumbling about the antics of your son. Moreover, your wife also complains about doing housework all the time…

Will you be able to overcome this harsh family life and still maintain the composure to play the role of a Good Dad?

The above is the background and plot of Angry Dad.

Stress gauge, the survival treasure of the Dad

In the beginning, you will get a Stress bar. Each time a new job appears, the stress level will increase a little, the more unresolved issues are, the faster the rate of stress increases.

There are three things to do to reduce stress:

  • Let Daddy watch TV, the team scoring the goal will help Dad to relieve so much stress,
  • Let Daddy drink beer. It works, but note that drinking a lot has different consequences guys,
  • Get compliments from family members when you complete something useful (for example, your wife praises you when you wash the dishes).

Work and stress come continuously, but these three things to relieve stress are not always available, depending on your luck. Suppose you are in the yard to wash the car, the game will say “oh Dad’s favorite football team is about to have a goal, hurry up and watch it, Dad!”. It makes you want to get in immediately, but you can’t do it in time, so you will scream in anger. Of course, the stress will then not decrease at all but increase a little.

That’s right, in real life. 

It sounds like a lot of things, where and how do we start?

No worries about the storyline or mission because Angry Dad has a pretty good narration which is short, detailed, and has text in the lower right corner of the screen being clear for you to easily read. Especially, whenever there is something to warn about, it is accompanied by an alarm sound effect, whatever you are doing, you will immediately notice it.

Angry Dad MOD APK download

This narration also serves as a guide to the gameplay. Almost all you have to do is to touch and drag on the phone screen, the rest can be handled by the character. For example, when it comes to washing dishes, you just need to reach the kitchen to direct Dad to run down there and pick up the dishes himself. Then the instructions of the game will say: now touch and drag the plate around to wash it. You just follow, until the plates are clean, Dad will automatically put them down and go out to do something else.

And if there is nothing else, Dad will sit and watch football and enjoy a cold beer.

Things go on like that, the more housework you can do, look after your children well, and balance your miscellaneous chores and your little joys in life, the more points you will accumulate. This point will give you more beer, more chances of scoring for the favorite team, and also help Dad to move faster to continue living in his house.

Perfect sound effects and graphics

Now let’s talk about the design of this game, I’ll go through it quickly because looking at the screenshot you can also see the humor through the 2D hand-drawn art.  I say skimming through because the more special part you need to care about is the sound effects in the game. There are 1001 things to do to annoy this cranky dad. And each time work comes, there is a different alarm sound, followed by a fast-paced rhythm that makes you feel like the sky is about to fall, maybe you are already stressed before Dad is.

Angry Dad MOD by APKMODY

The sound effects of the game show more effectiveness through the shouting of Dad when stressed, the sound of other members of the family as well as the annoying neighbors … Everything makes the game more exciting like never before.

My thoughts after playing this game

I played this game and just found it funny. I thought that later, even if I get married and have children, I will never let myself fall into this boring and boring life. Then I introduced Angry Dad to a friend who already has 2 children and asked for his feelings when playing this game. A few hours later, he called back with an answer: “Good game, man, just replace Dad’s face with my avatar and it will be exactly like my daily diary! Haha!”.

My God! The life of a man when he gets married and has children will be like that, won’t it? I asked again: “Such boring? Where were you in the past?”

He chuckled and said, “You’re still young, get married and you will understand. Some things are much more worth the trade-off. And the children, they are very cute, no matter how crazy they are, I still find them cute!”.

Download Angry Dad APK for Android

I have not gone to that stage yet but listening to the sincere confession from him, I thought maybe everything was right. Angry Dad is real, but Happy Dad is real too.

Download Angry Dad to play to understand what I say!

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