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Welcome to Angry Birds Reloaded APK, the latest Angry Birds game of Rovio in 2021. Get it now!

Introduce about Angry Birds Reloaded

Shoot birds to hit green pigs, so much fun waiting for you ahead!

Angry Birds in general and Angry Birds Reloaded in particular have intense appeal

Angry Birds, the super popular game brand from the publisher Rovio Entertainment, is considered the national mobile game, the symbol of the smartphone arcade game village.

The Angry Birds game is famous for its simple yet attractive gameplay. At first, you always feel it’s too easy, just touch, click, and done. The gameplay is so easy that anyone, even a child, can play it easily. You can even play while working. The game that you can play anytime is the first criterion to make the success of Angry Birds. However, it isn’t as simple as it seems. Playing for a while, you will be dumbfounded wondering why it is so difficult.

Each level always needs a little quiet, thinking, and perseverance from you. Strangely, no matter how it is, easy or hard, nothing can stop you from playing it. Angry Birds always leaves an indescribable feeling of frustration when you fail in the middle of a certain game scene, making you always want to go back and conquer it.

It may seem simple on the surface, but each level requires a meticulous plan. It is the depth under a humorous surface that makes the game globally addictive.

The story and your missions

The birds were disturbed by the green pigs and then dropped out from the branches of the trees while they were sleeping. This time they are really angry. It is time to show off some prestige and make the green pigs know what it’s like to be scared. Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Silver then start their classic slingshot and destroy all the obstacles, bunkers, and fortresses of the green pigs. Let’s go!

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Your task is to use the “weapons” the game gives on each scene (the birds of all kinds and sizes, or big and small stones…). Each type of “weapon” has its flying ability and destructive power. You will approximate how to shoot, depending on their weight, size, and… based on the experience of previous times, then draw your conclusions. Do not forget to use game-supported slingshot aiming lines to shoot. Try to destroy as many obstacles, hit as many green pigs as you can. Earn bonus points and open new levels.

Make sure if you don’t get addicted to it, I will pay you money.

To play Angry Birds Reloaded, you must be really patient

Like other Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Reloaded always pays attention to every little detail and makes smart use of the acceptable response time from players to create an attractive time-buying element.

In this game, you will not be able to win at the moment or do anything quickly. After you use a slingshot to shoot a bird or a flying stone, it must take a while for the obstacles to be destroyed. It is because birds and stones need time to fly and hit an object and then knock down other related items in the whole obstacle. This attack, in turn, will cause the green pigs to be destroyed. The more carefully you think and the more patient you are, the higher the chance of killing the green pigs. Do not rush to shoot a lot or shoot continuously unless you will not see the effect of the previous shot and miss many important opportunities.

Angry Birds Reloaded for Android

For example, after the first shot, you destroy the stairs and break the walls below, then a green pig is stuck on the slope of the wall. If you continue to wait a little bit, the wall will fall, the green pig will slip off the slope, and die. Otherwise, if you lose patience, shoot again and again, it is unlikely that you can drop the green pig because the textures of the wall will then be changed.

Moreover, the flight speed of the birds is quite slow even though you use a better slingshot that can shoot fast and far and aim extremely well. If not in a hurry, the total time from slingshot until the whole system stops after an attack is enough for you to plan your strategy for the next shot. But it is certainly not too slow to kill your excitement. This moderate leisure does bring a sense of relaxation, not pressure or competition, to the players.

Graphics and sound

Angry Birds Reloaded is one of the most exciting games in the Angry Birds series. Although there may not be too many breakthroughs in the game scenes’ presentation, each round brings a rare joy with just a simple small operation. The falling and dropping effect of the obstacle structure makes you just want to rush to destroy everything. That is a feeling of stimulation. The birds’ lovely squawks and the green pigs’ frustration when being destroyed, along with the sounds of obstacles collapsing, make the game dynamic and so funny. It is a feeling of excitement and fun.

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Even if you are a tough person who is always scowling and judging everything around you, Angry Birds Reloaded can make you laugh, I promise. Just hearing the funny sound of the birds is enough for a laugh.

Download Angry Birds Reloaded APK for Android

That is not to mention the feeling when fighting and killing all the green pigs and destroying a massive architecture in front of your eyes, that feeling is very good. Play Angry Birds Reloaded and explore the super exciting free entertainment horizon.

Currently, Angry Birds Reloaded has not been officially released for Android version. We will update as soon as possible.

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