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Angry Bee Evolution APK + MOD (Unlimited Honey/Amber) v3.5.0

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NameAngry Bee Evolution
Package Namecom.Toolbex.BeeEvo
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Honey/Amber
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Well, you know, sometimes we, the gamers, just want to play a simple, short, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-play game to kill time. At that time, there could be nothing better than a touch-to-play game like Angry Bee Evolution MOD APK, a good choice for entertainment.

Introduce about Angry Bee Evolution

Let’s come to the World of bees!

One day, we need simplicity

Having spent many hours playing deep role-playing adventure games or a super difficult puzzle game, many times we crave the feeling of simplicity. A classic clicker game will be a good choice for us. It helps us get light entertainment without thinking too much.

Playing Clicker games, you just need to look at the image on the screen, touch to collect items, and combine touch-drag to control a certain action. When the quota is met, the game will often open new features and species. What makes people fascinated and stick with a mobile clicker game for a long time is its fascinating world. The more you play, the more the game expands. The feeling of owning a vast kingdom, a multi-layered world in your hands will make you feel proud, excited, and want to continue playing to reach new peaks.

Of course, with such easy gameplay, the clicker game has countless topics: heaven and earth, animals, people, beasts, machines… And if you want to try a clicker game about the World of Bees, now let’s experience Angry Bee Evolution right away!

If you still think bees are not interesting

Although they are not flashy or huge or have strange looks like many other creatures, bees can bring many surprises. They have respectable discipline, a clear hierarchy without internal conflict, structure adjusted to every inch of the beehive, and so much delicious honey. Someone even said, “If you want to build an ideal human world, look at a beehive”.

Angry Bee Evolution includes many varieties of bees, from ordinary to strange. In the game, you will witness a very different world of bees. In addition to the interesting things mentioned above, there are many things (sometimes only in the imagination) that will lead you from one surprise to another.


The main element of this game revolves around the evolution of bees. You just need to touch a bee and merge it with another bee, so you create a new bee species. The higher the levels, the more unpredictable these hybrid bees become, which brings pleasant surprises. To a certain extent, you create not only a new breed of bee but a monster bee with a terrifying appearance that is not inferior to any monster in epic fighting games.

To understand the subtle complexity of Angry Bee Evolution, let’s think: We have two similar species of bees: A + A = B, then B + A = C, then B + B = D. Then again take A + C or B + C or C + D, there are hundreds and thousands of combinations. Do you imagine how much the normal bee world (that you know in real life) can change in this game? Each combination gives a completely different bee in eye color, wing size, and body size…

Angry Bee Evolution is not only a game but also a journey of enjoyment and surprise. Every time you touch and drag a certain type of bee, you will be very anxious to look forward to your finished product. That excitement will be extended endlessly. Believe me, Angry Bee Evolution is a fascinating and colorful world that anyone wants to see.

But to create new healthy varieties, you have to raise bees big enough. Let the bees suck nectar from the flower to grow up, touch the bee continuously to receive honey coins. The collected honey will be used to open new types of bees. Feed them nectar, let them grow as fast as possible, and then continue to hybridize them to make a new species of bees. If you touch the queen bee, it will die, and you will open a pile of honey money for yourself and open up a lot of new species of bees for the breeding work.

You will collect many different species of bees, manage them and build a massive bee farm.

You can play alone or play it in online mode to compete with other players around the world.

MOD APK version of Angry Bee Evolution

MOD features

Unlimited Honey/Amber


You use MENU to enable/disable MOD features.

You can only enable the MOD feature after you have completed the tutorial.

Download Angry Bee Evolution APK & MOD for Android

Playing Angry Bee Evolution is very relaxing. It must have been a great reason for the producer to choose the bee theme to make the game. They are cute, intelligent, very hard-working, and united. By playing this game, you will be more respectful of bees. It has beautiful graphics, super diverse bees, exciting gameplay, many climaxes with queens and monster bees. The gameplay is very simple. Just touch and drag to play. It is simple, but the stimulation it brings is extremely high.

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