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Alto’s Adventure APK + MOD (Characters/Premium Unlocked) v1.8.4

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NameAlto’s Adventure
Package Namecom.noodlecake.altosadventure
MOD FeaturesCharacters/Premium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.0

With Alto’s Adventure MOD APK provided by APKMODY, you can freely choose your favorite character and upgrade the power-ups to help your journey go further.

Introdsuce about Alto’s Adventure

Since the first teaser in September 2014 was released, Alto’s Adventure has been an attractive name, expected by many gamers. It is the first in the Alto series of Noodlecake Studios, the second version is named Alto’s Odyssey. We will introduce this game in the future.

Returning to Alto’s Adventure, the game is appreciated in terms of graphics style and soundtrack. These two elements create a great experience, combined with endless-run gameplay, will bring you a feeling of relaxation. So if you were looking for a game to relieve stress, or to fill empty time, you have found it!

Experience endless-run game from a new perspective

From a gameplay perspective, Alto’s Adventure is an endless-run game. It carries the basic principles of the genre – something that you seem too familiar with in the legendary game Subway Surfers. However, Alto’s Adventure is played on a 2D graphics platform, instead of 3D.

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Alto’s Adventure brings an endless-run experience from a new perspective. Not to mention the graphics, effects and physics of the game will really get the love of me or any other demanding gamer. Simple manipulation of the controls will be performed in a breathtaking manner, for example, a backflip or slide to speed up.

Overall, Alto’s Adventure shines with its graphic art style and great graphic effects. Randomly generated continuous terrain, minimizing duplication. Meanwhile, the weather effects are shown dynamically (weather, day/night cycle).

New journey with Alto

Alto’s Adventure has a short opening story, revolving around the character of Alto. He is a llamas shepherd in snowy mountains. Events happened, causing his camels are lost and stray everywhere. Now, Alto will embark on an endless skiing journey in search of his camels.

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Quests in Alto’s Adventure are hierarchical based on the goal. You will have to complete some of the goals required by the system. For example, collect 300 coins, travel with a minimum distance of 1100m or do 3 backflips. In the process, a number of support items will also appear for you to collect. Power-ups and llamas will help you speed up your movement, to help you fly higher to perform a backflip or cross the death hole. You will find these elements quite familiar if you have ever played Ski Safari.

The difficult journey has not ended yet

It seems that Alto’s quest for camels is never over. In a specific level, the system will give you some basic goals to complete and qualify to unlock the next level. However, when the basic objectives are completed, they will be extended for you to continue your journey, in the true meaning of an endless-run game.

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Initially, the distance is 1100m. It will be expanded to 2500m, 4000m and so on. Of course, difficulties will come. The abysses, obstacles appear with more frequency. Meanwhile, the support item is restricted or placed in a more dangerous position.

In order to score good achievements in Alto’s Adventure, players need to master some basic rules. Movement speed and timing to perform a technique are the two most important factors. So, always try to speed up when possible. Catching camels and picking up power-ups is essential.

Meanwhile, jumping or backflip techniques can also be performed when you tap on the screen. Please note, you should only use these techniques if you are sure you can land with a board.

MOD APK version of Alto’s Adventure

MOD features

  • Characters Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

Download Alto’s Adventure MOD APK for Android

Alto’s Adventure is one of the elegant art-style endless-run games that you should not miss. Alto’s Adventure is quite like Monument Valley when it offers great graphics, along with simple and refined gameplay.

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