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NameAlmost a Hero
Package Namecom.beesquare.almostahero
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Playing Almost a Hero MOD APK, you will not need to do much on controls. Just play and enjoy the humor in the story in your own style.

Introduce about Almost a Hero

Just be patient and you will eventually become a hero!

Funnier than any others

Tapper games are often underrated by gamers because they think that such easy games often have no depth. But when you need a game for fun and entertainment without complicated manipulation, these games where you only need to touch and touch are always the right choice.

If now there was a tapper game that was easy to play but had a lot of things to do and also had a humorous plot, would you play it? Of course, I would say Yes. And you should always know at least one such game to entertain in case you get bored and don’t know what to do. Not heavy on the head, not too much trouble to deal with.

Well, let me introduce to you such a game: Almost a Hero, which will make you laugh out loud for a long time.

Comedy stories in the human world

In a kingdom, wars go on constantly because of the competition of factions. To support the war, the villages have to follow a rule like no other from their superiors: every time a hero dies in battle, that hero’s village has to recommend nine others to the battlefield. These 9 characters are all ordinary civilians, even somewhat stupid.

Compared to the general level of society, these characters are even a bit weird compared to the concept of normal civilian soldiers. Bandits, old women, idlers… all appear in the game’s strange army formations.

But war makes a hero.  Although these reluctant warriors were forced to take up arms to fight, some of them, fortunately, can become the superheroes of the country. And the tap-tap-tap war starts here.


Playing Almost a Hero, you don’t need to take things seriously. Because even if you’re playing someone who seems like a hero or something, your task is just to Tap continuously on the screen to kill enemies and get bonuses.

In addition, each time you reset repeatedly, you will also receive many gems. This money will be used to recruit new troops and strengthen the character. And gems are used to buy special, high-value items.

The path to becoming the hero of the main character, however, is not easy. You have to go through many stages with countless battles and many bosses of all kinds with weird shapes.

Good skills sometimes are not as good as luck. Although choosing weird soldiers to go to the battlefield is a mistake, fortunately, they have magic rings in hand. Each time you touch the screen, this ring will help you perform an attack on the enemy automatically. In addition, the character also has a number of special skills that can be activated by the player in difficult situations.

In addition to fighting, the silly characters can also be sent to do other things such as breeding pets or poisonous spiders… And yeah, many different game modes are well worth a try. Each has its own beauty, and the same goal is to turn the luckiest person on the team into a hero.

You won’t have a headache but will… hurt your hand.

As said, Almost a Hero is a battle of the weirdest warriors. From an ordinary background, with mediocre talent, their initial qualities are not worthy of becoming the world’s best. Even the appearance is very simple. They are reluctant to become the heroic role model but themselves flawed clones. They are a blonde, a night thief, a rich goblin, and an old woman. Yes, you heard correctly. That is the warrior lineup in Almost a Hero. They can be anyone, even those with the lowest class and status in society. And who knows, one day, at a time, one of them might save the world?

The more passionately you touch the screen, the higher the probability of winning (and winning money and good items) is. Playing and playing more, you will find a character in your team transforming into a real hero.

Meticulously detailed character depictions

The game uses vertical screen 3D graphics. Everything that happened on the battlefield was quite brief. “Colorful” will be your first impression when observing the battles in Almost a Hero. Humor clearly shows in the characters’ appearances. They appear very small in the battles, but each has a detailed shape and is meticulously designed to exude a characteristic naivety. Image is an important element to create humor in this tap tap game.

MOD APK version of Almost a Hero

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Not enough money? It’s okay, just spend it!

Download Almost a Hero APK & MOD for Android

This is one of the best tapper games you should play because its plot is too funny. Almost a Hero is addictive because of the leveling factor and the amazing character’s path to becoming a hero. Well, it is like a game born to entertain lightly.

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